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  • Protection of Animals

    Protection and Status of Animals In relation to the protection and status of animals and constitutional law, Jessica Eisen and Kristen Stilt[1] made the following observation: Constitutions mention animals in many different contexts. This entry will focus on the relatively recent […]

  • Domestic Animal

    Description of Domestic Animal Resources See Also Domitae Naturae Mansuetae Naturae Animals

  • Agister

    Description of Agister Resources See Also Animals

  • Agister

    Description of Agister Resources See Also Animals

  • Vicious Animal

    Description of Vicious Animal Resources See Also Vicious Propensity Animals

  • Van Vechten, Carl

    Van Vechten, Carl, 1880-1964. Books published: The tiger in the house, by Carl Van Vechten. New York, A.A. Knopf: 1922. 367 p. CITATION: Van Vechten, Carl. The Tiger in the House. New York, A.A. Knopf: 1922. Table of contents of the Book: By Way of Correcting a Popular Prejudice Treating of Traits Ailurophobes and Other…

  • Cats and laws

    A similar decision was rendered in the sheriff’s court at Perth, Scotland, in the late seventies. The cat had killed the plaintiff’s pigeon on a neighbour’s premises. The learned sheriff in his decision said: “It was quite legitimate for the plaintiff to keep a pigeon, but just as much so for the defendant to keep…

  • Law protection of cats

    Law protection of cats Continue from Cats and the law . There are further laws: The Dimetian Code says: Whoever shall sell a cat is to answer for her not going a caterwauling every moon; and that she devour not her kittens; and that she have ears, eyes, teeth, and nails, and is a good…

  • Cats and the law

    Much of the law in relation to animals has now been consolidated in the Animal Welfare Act 2006 which applies in England and Wales. In the United States (The Animal Welfare Act), for more than 40 years, Congress has entrusted APHIS with the stewardship of animals covered under the Animal Welfare and Horse Protection Acts.…