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  • Akin

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  • A.k.a.

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  • Aktiebolag

    A Swedish form of stock company requiring a minimum of three corporators and an initial capitalization of 5,000 kroner. The company may have no fewer than three directors, one-third of whom may be foreigners….

  • Aktiengesellschaft

    A form of corporate organization employed in Germany for large or publicly held companies. Identified by the letters A.G. at the end of a company's name, this form of incorporation requires the filing of a registration statement with the commercial registrar at the court having jurisdiction over…


    AKOMA NTOSO Introduction to AKOMA NTOSO AKOMA NTOSO (Architecture for Knowledge-Oriented Management of African Normative Texts using Open Standards and Ontologies) is an open legal XML standard for parliamentary, legislative and judiciary documents. It means “linked hearts” in Akan language of West Africa. The role of Akoma Ntoso is “to mark up legal and legislative…