Abolition of Customs Duties

Hierarchical Display of Abolition of customs duties Trade > Tariff policy > Tariff policy
Abolition of customs duties Concept of Abolition of customs duties See the dictionary definition of Abolition of customs duties. Characteristics of Abolition of customs duties [rtbs name="xxx-xxx"] […]


The Legal History of Abortion in Hindu Law This section provides an overview of Abortion in Hindu Law In relation to the abortion and constitutional law, Radhika Rao[1] made the following observation: Abortion is commonly defined as the intentional termination of pregnancy with reasonable […]

Abandoned Land

Hierarchical Display of Abandoned land Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Cultivation of agricultural land > Land use
Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Agricultural structures and production > Policy on agricultural structures > Cessation of farming Abandoned land Concept of […]

Aboriginal Title

Concept of Indigenous/Aboriginal Title Indigenous/Aboriginal Title may be defined as: Indigenous, or Aboriginal, title is a common law doctrine that the land rights of Indigenous Peoples to customary tenure persist after the assumption of sovereignty under settler colonialism.(1) See more […]

Absolute Disparity

Description of Absolute Disparity In this reference work, absolute disparity is a sort of the Constitutional law category. Resources See Also FAIR-CROSS-SECTION REQUIREMENT DUREN TEST STATISTICAL-DECISION THEORY Comparative Disparity Jury Constitutional law


Abuse of State Resources in Election Law Situation where a candidate, political party (often from the ruling party) or a given authority involved in elections furthers their campaign by making use of state resources in an abusive manner and beyond what the law authorises. For example, the use […]