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United States views on international law (based on the document “Digest of U.S. Practice in International Law”): On July 29, 2011, acting under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, the Security Council adopted Resolution 2002. U.N. Doc. S/RES/2002. The resolution concerns the Security Council's Somalia arms embargo sanctions regime and authorizes the sanctions committee established pursuant to Resolution 1844 to list additional individuals and entities for sanctions if they are designated:

(a) as engaging in or providing support for acts that threaten the peace, security or stability of Somalia, including acts that threaten the Djibouti Agreement of 18 August 2008 or the political process, or threaten the TFIs or AMISOM by force;

(b) as having acted in violation of the general and complete arms embargo reaffirmed in paragraph 6 of resolution 1844 (2008);

(c) as obstructing the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Somalia, or access to, or distribution of, humanitarian assistance in Somalia;

(d) as being political or military leaders recruiting or using children in armed conflicts in Somalia in violation of applicable international law;

(e) as being responsible for violations of applicable international law in Somalia involving the targeting of civilians including children and women in situations of armed conflict, including killing and maiming, sexual and gender-based violence, attacks on schools and hospitals and abduction and forced displacement;

U.N. Doc S/RES/2002, Para. 1.


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