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Physician in Aging Law

Concept of Physician in the context of Community Health Care and Services for Older Persons, published by the World Health Organization (WHO):Professional person qualified by education and authorised by law to practise medicine. In certain countries refers to a specialist in internal medicine.

The Adventures of a South American Physician: International Incident

In the book “International Incidents for Discussion in Conversation Classes”, in relation to this subject, L. Oppenheim wrote in 1909: In 1905 the President of a South American Republic visited London with the intention of undergoing an operation by a famous surgeon. He was accompanied, among others, by Doctor Alcorta, his physician-in-ordinary, who was watching the case. After dining with friends one evening at a well-known restaurant, during which he drank very freely of wine and liqueurs, Doctor Alcorta proceeded to the Empire Theatre. He at first listened quietly, but, being displeased by the song of one of the performers, he became noisy, had to be removed, and on proving violent was handed over to the police. Next morning he was brought up before a magistrate on the charge of having been drunk and disorderly.

Funeral, Physician, Subscriptions

From the book The Clergyman’s Hand-book of Law, about Funeral, Physician, Subscriptions (1): To attend a funeral, to employ an undertaker, or a physician, on Sunday, has been tested in the courts, and finally decided to be works of necessity or charity and not a violation of the Sunday law. Also, subscriptions made for church purposes and in works of charity on Sunday have been held legal and binding.742


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Notes and References

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