PAIS: Public Affairs Information Service

PAIS: Public Affairs Information Service

Index database details: New York: Public Affairs Information Service, 1972-. Monthly with annual cumulations.

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According to “Introduction to Research in International Law, Research Guide” (see Further Reading), this database is a “selective list of the latest books, periodical articles, government documents, pamphlets, microfiche, and reports of public and private agencies relating to business, economics and social conditions, public policy and administration, and international relations. The system provides selective subjects and bibliographic access to periodicals, books, hearings, reports, gray literature, government publications, Internet resources, and other publications from 120 countries.

Materials are in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish with English language abstracts and subject headings. Contains more than 480,000 records, each with bibliographic information and brief, descriptive abstracts. Use PAIS Archive, a retrospective database chronicling global public policy and social issues from 1915 through 1976.”

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