North-East Atlantic Fisheries Convention

North-East Atlantic Fisheries Convention


Article 1

1. The area to which this Convention applies (hereinafter
referred to as “the Convention area”) shall be all waters which
are situated:

a) within those parts of the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans and their
dependent seas which lie north of 36 deg north latitude and
between 42 deg west longitude and 51 deg east longitude, but

(i) the Baltic Sea and Belts lying to the south and east of
lines drawn from Hasenere Head to Gniben Point, from Korshage to
Spodsbierg and from Gilbierg Head to the Kullen, and

(ii) the Mediterranean Sea and its dependent seas as far as the
point of intersection of the parallel of 36 deg latitude and the
meridian of 5 deg 36 min west longitude.

b) within that part of the Atlantic Ocean north of 59 deg north
latitude and between 44 deg west longitude and 42 deg west

2. The Convention area shall be divided into regions, the
boundaries of which shall be those defined in the Annex to this
Convention. The regions shall be subject to such alterations as
may be made in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (4) of
Article 5 of this Convention.

3. For the purposes of this Convention

a) the expression “vessel”means any vessel or boat employed in
fishing for sea fish or in the treatment of sea fish which is
registered or owned in the territories of, or which flies the
flag of, any Contracting States and;

b) the expression “territories”in relation to any Contracting
State, extends to

(i) any territory within or adjacent to the Convention area for
whose international relations the Contracting State is

(ii) any other territory, not situated within the Convention
area or adjacent to it, for whose international relations the
Contracting State is responsible and for which such State shall
have made known, by written declaration to the Government of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (hereinafter
referred to as the Government of the United Kingdom), either at
the time of signature, of ratification, or of adherence, or
subsequently, that this Convention shall apply to it;

(iii) the waters within the Convention area where the Contracting
State has exclusive jurisdiction over fisheries.

Article 2

Nothing in this Convention shall be deemed to affect the rights,
claims, or views of any Contracting State in regard to the extent
of jurisdiction over fisheries.

Article 3

1. A North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (hereinafter
referred to as the Commission) is hereby established and shall be
maintained for the purposes of this Convention.

2. Each Contracting State may appoint as its Delegation to the
Commission not more than two Commissioners and such experts and
advisors to assist them as that State may determine.

3. The Commission shall elect its own President and not more than
two Vice-Presidents who need not be chosen from the Commissioners
or their experts or advisers. If a member of a Delegation has
been elected President he shall forthwith cease to act as a
member of that Delegation, and if a Commissioner has been elected
the State concerned shall have the right to appoint another
person to serve in his place.

4. The Office of the Commission shall be in London.

5. Except where the Commission determines otherwise, it shall
meet once a year in London at such time as it shall decide:
provided, however, that upon the request of a Commissioner of a
Contracting State, the President shall, as soon as practicable,
summon a meeting at such time and place as he may determine.

6. The Commission shall appoint its own Secretary and may from
time to time appoint such other staff as it may require.

7. The Commission may set up such Committees as it considers
desirable to perform such functions as it may determine.

8. Each Delegation shall have one vote in the Commission which
may be cast only by a Commissioner of the State concerned.
Decisions shall be taken by a simple majority except where
otherwise specifically provided. If there is an even division of
votes on any matter which is subject to a simple majority
decision, the proposal shall be regarded as rejected.

9. Subject to the provisions of this Article, the Commission
shall draw up its own Rules of Procedure, including provisions
for the election of the President and Vice-Presidents and their
terms of office.

10. The Government of the United Kingdom shall call the first
meeting of the Commission as soon as practicable after the coming
into force of this Convention, and shall communicate the
provisional agenda to each of the other Contracting States not
less than two months before the date of the meeting.

11. Reports of the proceedings of the Commission shall be
transmitted and proposals and recommendations shall be notified
as soon as possible to all Contracting States in English and in

Article 4

1. Each Contracting State shall pay the expense of the
Commissioners, experts and advisers appointed by it.

2. The Commission shall prepare an annual budget of the proposed
expenditures of the Commission.

3. In any year in which the annual budget amounts to 200 pounds
or less for each Contracting State the total sum shall be shared
equally between Contracting States.

4. In any year in which the annual budget exceeds
200 pounds for each Contracting State, the Commission shall
calculate the payments due from each Contracting State according
to the following formula:

a) from the budget there shall be deducted a sum of 200 pounds
for each Contracting State;

b) the remainder shall be divided into such number of equal
shares as correspond to the total number of Regional Committee

c) the payment due from any Contracting State shall be the
equivalent of 200 pounds plus the number of shares equal to the
number of Regional Committees in which that State participates.

5. The Commission shall notify to each Contracting State the sum
due from that State as calculated under paragraph (3) or (4) of
this Article and as soon as possible thereafter each Contracting
State shall pay to the Commission the sum so notified.

6. Contributions shall be payable in the currency of the country
in which the Office of the Commission is located, except that the
Commission may accept payment in the currencies in which it may
be expected that expenditures of the Commission will be made from
time to time, up to an amount established each year by the
Commission when preparing the annual budget.

7. At its first meeting the Commission shall approve a budget for
the balance of the first financial year in which the Commission
functions and shall transmit to the Contracting States copies of
that budget together with notices of their respective
contributions as assessed under paragraph (3) or (4) of this

8. In subsequent financial years, the Commission shall submit to
each Contracting State drafts of annual budgets, together with a
schedule of allocations, not less than six weeks before the
annual meeting of the Commission at which the budgets are to be




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