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New Zealand

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Company Information: You can look up the names, contact information and directors of New Zealand companies using the NZ Companies Office Database. More information on selected New Zealand companies is available from D&B reports. New Zealand securities filings are available from the University of New South Wales (back in 1994, the contact person was Mary McDonnell at or 61-2-931-9391.)

See also the separate entry for “Company Information” and “Doing Business in Foreign Companies.”

Legal Materials: Kiwi statutes, case law abstracts, etc., are available at The Knowledge Basket. For recent Acts, Bills and Regulations go straight to the official New Zealand Legislation site

For a summary of New Zealand law, Laws of New Zealand (LexisNexis/Butterworths) is a 40+ volume legal encyclopedia. Laws of New Zealand is available on Lexis(NZ;LONZ or NZ;LONTOC for the Table of Contents).

Lexis also has cases from the New Zealand Law Reports (NZ;NZLR) back to 1958, District Court Reports (NZ;DCR) back to 1997, Administrative Reports (NZ;NZAR) back to 1997, Family Law Reports (NZ;NZFLR) back to October 1981 and Management Appeals (NZ;NZRMA) back to 1991 — and a combined cases database (NZ;NZCAS). You can also get Butterworths Current Law (NZ;NZCL) and Butterworths Current Law Digest (NZ;CLD).

For more information about New Zealand legal materials, see Margaret Greville’s An Overview of New Zealand Law & Sources of Legal Information and Access to New Zealand Laws.

See also “Foreign Laws” in this legal Encyclopedia.

The Legal History of New Zealand

This section provides an overview of New Zealand legal history.


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