Narrative Policy

Narrative Policy

Literature Review on (Policy Analysis) Narrative Policy Framework

In the Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, [1] Elizabeth Shanahan, Michael D. Jones and Mark K. McBeth provide the following summary about the topic of (Policy Analysis) Narrative Policy Framework: Narrative Policy Framework (NPF) contends that narratives are the lifeblood of the policy process. Narrative Policy Framework is an empirical approach to study the role of policy narratives in policy processes that can be applied to an array of policy issues at multiple scales. To understand the structure and content of the NPF as a framework, we present: i) the genesis of the NPF; ii) a discussion of NPF's philosophy of the science of narratives; iii) how NPF defines a narrative; iv) an examination of NPF's study of policy narratives using three levels of analysis: micro (the individual), meso (the group/coalition), and macro (institutional/cultural); and v) why the NPF is important to public administration practitioners and those involved in public policy.


Notes and References

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