MPEPIL: Theories of international law

MPEPIL: Theories of international law


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Theories of international law:

1. Comparative Law: Functions and Methods, de Cruz, Peter
2. Compliance, Theory of, Delcourt, Barbara
3. Critical Theory, Frankenberg, Günter
4. Environmental Ethics, Bosselmann, Klaus
5. Ethos, Ethics, and Morality in International Relations, Bernstorff, Jochen von and Venzke, Ingo
6. Feminism, Approach to International Law, Chinkin, Christine
7. International Legal Theory and Doctrine, Koskenniemi, Martti
8. International Relations, Principal Theories, Slaughter, Anne-Marie
9. Islamic Approach to International Law, Mahmoudi, Said
10. Legal Positivism, Lachenmann, Frauke
11. Legal Process School, O’Connell, Mary Ellen
12. Legal Realism School, Ratner, Steven R
13. Marxism, Chimni, Bhupinder
14. Methodology of International Law, Koskenniemi, Martti
15. Natural Law and Justice, Orakhelashvili, Alexander
16. Pacifism, Biehler, Anke
17. Regime Theory, Bradford, Anu
18. Sociological Theories of International Law, Carty, Anthony



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