MPEPIL: Territory

MPEPIL: Territory


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1. Abyei Arbitration, Daly, Brooks W and Schofield, Garth
2. Accretion, Anand, Ram P
3. Aegean Sea, Van Dyke, Jon M
4. à…land Islands, Harck, Sten
5. American-Canadian Boundary Disputes and Cooperation, McDorman, Ted L and VanderZwaag, David L
6. Annexation, Hofmann, Rainer
7. Antarctica, Vüneky, Silja and Addison-Agyei, Sange
8. Argentina-Chile Frontier Cases, Hinrichs Oyarce, Ximena
9. Asylum, Territorial, Hailbronner, Kay and Gogolin, Jana
10. Autonomy, Suksi, Markku
11. Balkan Pact (1953-54), Smrkolj, Maja
12. Baselines, Scovazzi, Tullio
13. Bays and Gulfs, Gioia, Andrea
14. Beagle Channel Dispute, de La Fayette, Louise Angélique
15. Belize Dispute, Fox, Hazel
16. Berlin Congress (1878), Bogaert, Sina Van den
17. Berlin West Africa Conference (1884-85), Anghie, Antony
18. Border and Transborder Armed Actions Case (Nicaragua v Honduras; Nicaragua v Costa Rica), von Walter, André
19. Boundary Disputes in Africa, Jacobs, Jacques and Mostert, Hanri
20. Boundary Disputes in Latin America, Infante Caffi, Marà­a Teresa
21. Boundary Settlements of Germany after World War II, Khan, Daniel-Erasmus
22. Buraimi Oasis Dispute, Fox, Hazel
23. Cession, Dürr, Oliver
24. Ceuta and Melilla, Khan, Daniel-Erasmus
25. Chechnya, Grant, Thomas D
26. Clipperton Island Arbitration, Pierlings, Tobias
27. Colonialism, Kammerer, Jürn Axel
28. Continental Shelf , Stoll, Peter-Tobias
29. Continuity of States, Zimmermann, Andreas
30. Delagoa Bay Arbitration, Holm-Hadulla, Moritz
31. Delagoa Bay Railway Arbitration, Hernández, Gleider I
32. Demarcation Line, Bernstorff, Jochen von
33. Diego Garcia (British Indian Ocean Territory), Afsah, Ebrahim
34. Dispute regarding Navigational and Related Rights Case (Costa Rica v Nicaragua), Isliker, Franziska
35. Divided States, Suksi, Markku
36. Eastern Carelia (Request for Advisory Opinion), Heliskoski, Joni
37. Eastern Greenland Case, Alfredsson, Gudmundur
38. Ems-Dollard, Wolfrum, Rüdiger and Woltag, Johann-Christoph
39. Enclaves, Irmscher, Tobias H
40. Eparses Islands, von Ungern-Sternberg, Antje
41. Eritrea-Yemen Arbitration, Scovazzi, Tullio
42. Exclusive Economic Zone , Nelson, Dolliver
43. Falkland Islands/Islas Malvinas, Waibel, Michael
44. Free Cities, Hattenhauer, Christian
45. Frontier Dispute Case (Benin/Niger), Cot, Jean-Pierre
46. Frontier Dispute Case (Burkina Faso/Republic of Mali), Tomka, Peter
47. Gibraltar, Waibel, Michael
48. Governmental Activities on Foreign Territory, Orakhelashvili, Alexander
49. Grisbadarna Case, Mahmoudi, Said
50. Gut Dam Claims, Mahmoudi, Said
51. Guyana v Suriname Maritime Boundary Arbitration, Aizenstatd, Alexander
52. Guyana-Venezuela Border Dispute, Brewer-Carà­as, Allan R
53. Holy Places, Koeck, Heribert Franz
54. Hong Kong, Malanczuk, Peter
55. Internal Waters, Bangert, Kaare
56. International Commission of the Oder, Jurisdiction of, Case, McCaffrey, Stephen C
57. Irredentism, Palermo, Francesco
58. Islands, Dipla, Haritini
59. Islands, New, Dipla, Haritini
60. Israeli Wall Advisory Opinion (Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory), Watts QC, Arthur
61. Kasikili/Sedudu Island Case (Botswana/Namibia), Maierhüfer, Christian
62. Kehler Hafen Case, Couzigou, Irène
63. Kuril Islands, Zinberg, Yakov
64. Land and Maritime Boundary between Cameroon and Nigeria Case (Cameroon v Nigeria), Khan, Daniel-Erasmus
65. Land-Locked States, Hafner, Gerhard
66. Land, Island and Maritime Frontier Dispute Case (El Salvador/Honduras: Nicaragua Intervening), Philipp, Christiane E
67. Locarno Treaties (1925), Lindley-French, Julian
68. Macau, Kugelmann, Dieter
69. Maritime Boundary between Guinea and Guinea-Bissau Arbitration (Guinea v Guinea-Bissau), Scovazzi, Tullio
70. Maritime Boundary between Guinea-Bissau and Senegal Arbitration and Case (Guinea-Bissau v Senegal), Scovazzi, Tullio
71. Maritime Delimitation and Territorial Questions between Qatar and Bahrain (Qatar v Bahrain), Mendelson QC, Maurice
72. Maritime Delimitation between Nicaragua and Honduras in the Caribbean Sea Case (Nicaragua v Honduras), de La Fayette, Louise Angélique
73. Maritime Delimitation Cases before International Courts and Tribunals, Scovazzi, Tullio
74. Memel Territory Statute, Interpretation of, Case, Kohen, Marcelo G
75. Micro States, Grant, Thomas D
76. Minquiers and Ecrehos Case, Lowe, Vaughan and Tzanakopoulos, Antonios
77. Mundat Forest, Buerstedde, Sigismund
78. North Sea Continental Shelf Cases, Oude Elferink, Alex G
79. Oder-Neisse Line, Eitel, Tono
80. Overseas Territories, Australia, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Novak, Gregor
81. Palmas Island Arbitration, Hausler, Katharina and Hofbauer, Jane A
82. Pledge of State Territory and Property, Irmscher, Tobias H
83. Prescription, Wouters, Jan and Verhoeven, Sten
84. Railway Stations and Airports on Foreign Territory and Transborder Railway Traffic, Marchisio, Sergio
85. Rann of Kutch Arbitration (Indo-Pakistan Western Boundary), Nawshad Zamir, Muhammad
86. Referendum, Beigbeder, Yves
87. Region of War, Breslin, Julia
88. Remote Sensing, Hofmann, Mahulena
89. Right of Passage over Indian Territory Case, Mendelson QC, Maurice
90. Roadsteads, Churchill, Robin R
91. Rocks, Van Dyke, Jon M
92. Saar Territory, Schwietzke, Joachim
93. Safe Conduct and Safe Passage, Kraska, James
94. Sahara, Marauhn, Thilo
95. Secession, Thürer, Daniel and Burri, Thomas
96. Security Zones, McDonald, Avril and Brollowski, Hanna
97. Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, Asada, Masahiko
98. Servitudes, Marchisio, Sergio
99. Sidra, Gulf of, Marsit, Mohamed Mouldi
100. South Ossetia, NuàŸberger, Angelika
101. South West Africa/Namibia (Advisory Opinions and Judgments), Heyns, Christof and Killander, Magnus
102. Sovereignty over certain Frontier Land Case (Belgium/Netherlands), Tomka, Peter
103. Sovereignty over Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh, Middle Rocks and South Ledge Case (Malaysia/Singapore), Suarez, Suzette V
104. Sovereignty over Pulau Ligitan and Pulau Sipadan Case (Indonesia/Malaysia), Suarez, Suzette V
105. Spanish Zone of Morocco Claims, Remiro Brotóns, Antonio
106. Spratly Islands, Strupp, Michael
107. State Succession in Other Matters than Treaties , Zimmermann, Andreas
108. Status of Armed Forces on Foreign Territory Agreements (SOFA), Conderman, Paul J
109. Taba Arbitration, Lapidoth, Ruth
110. Takeshima/Dok Do Island, Asada, Masahiko
111. Tangier, Schwietzke, Joachim
112. Temple of Preah Vihear Case, Wagner, Markus
113. Territorial and Maritime Dispute Case (Nicaragua v Colombia), de La Fayette, Louise Angélique
114. Territorial Change, Effects of, Hernández, Gleider I
115. Territorial Dispute Case (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya/Chad), Hausler, Katharina and Hofbauer, Jane A
116. Territorial Integrity and Political Independence, Blay, Samuel KN
117. Territory, Abandonment, Kohen, Marcelo G
118. Territory, Acquisition, Kohen, Marcelo G and Hébié, Mamadou
119. Territory, Discovery, Kohen, Marcelo G and Hébié, Mamadou
120. Territory, Lease, Ronen, Yaà«l
121. Timor Island Arbitration, Hilpold, Peter
122. Transit of Goods over Foreign Territory, Einhorn, Talia
123. Trieste, Tuerk, Helmut
124. United States v California Cases, Shelton, Dinah
125. Uti possidetis Doctrine, Nesi, Giuseppe
126. Walvis Bay, Hoffmann, Albert
127. War Zones, Heintschel von Heinegg, Wolff
128. Western Sahara (Advisory Opinion), Feinaugle, Clemens
129. Yugoslavia, Cases and Proceedings before the ICJ, Thienel, Tobias and Zimmermann, Andreas
130. Zones of Peace, Macalister-Smith, Peter



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