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1. I’m Alone, The, Caminos, Hugo
2. Ila?cu Case, Wenzel, Nicola
3. Immigration, Weissbrodt, David
4. Immunities, Special Missions, Kalb, Nadia
5. Immunity, Diplomatic, van Alebeek, Rosanne
6. Implementation Agreements, Kojima, Chie and Vereshchetin, Vladlen S
7. Indigenous Peoples, Kingsbury, Benedict
8. Indigenous Peoples, Treaties with, Alfredsson, Gudmundur
9. Indiscriminate Attack, Bell, Christine and Pfeiffer, Julia
10. Individual Criminal Responsibility, O’Shea, Andreas
11. Individuals in International Law, Gorski, Simone
12. Indus River, Subedi, Surya P
13. Industrial Property, International Protection, Cottier, Thomas
14. Information and Communication, Freedom of, Malanczuk, Peter
15. INMARSAT, Lyall, Francis
16. Innocent Passage, Hakapaa, Kari
17. Institut de Droit international, Macalister-Smith, Peter
18. Insurgency, Crawford, Emily
19. Intellectual Property, International Protection, Abbott, Frederick M
20. Intelsat, Lyall, Francis
21. Inter-American Commercial Arbitration Commission (IACAC), Montt, Santiago
22. Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACommHR), Grossman, Claudio M
23. Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACtHR), Neuman, Gerald L
24. Inter-American Juridical Committee, Millicay, Fernanda
25. Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance of Rio de Janeiro (1947), Arrighi, Jean-Michel
26. Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Arndt, Felix
27. Interdependence, Mahiou, Ahmed
28. Intergenerational Equity, Brown Weiss, Edith
29. Interhandel Case, Tams, Christian J
30. Interim (Provisional) Measures of Protection, Wolfrum, Rüdiger
31. Internal Waters, Bangert, Kaare
32. International (Humanitarian) Fact-Finding Commission, Spieker, Heike
33. International Administration of Territories, Benzing, Markus
34. International Administrative Unions, Wolfrum, Rüdiger
35. International Air Transport Association (IATA), Haanappel, Peter PC
36. International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA), Virzo, Roberto
37. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rautenbach, Johan
38. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), Schlemmer-Schulte, Sabine
39. International Bar Association (IBA), Neate, Francis
40. International Bureau of Education (IBE), Hodgson, Douglas
41. International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), Schmahl, Stefanie
42. International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), Schreuer, Christoph
43. International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Martiny, Dieter
44. International Children’s Centre (ICC), Holzer, Vanessa
45. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Mendes de Leon, PMJ
46. International Civil Aviation Organization, Jurisdiction of, Case, Hailbronner, Kay and Rücker, Isabel
47. International Civil Defence Organisation (ICDO), Schaller, Christian
48. International Civil Litigation, Hess, Burkhard
49. International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), Aizenstatd, Alexander
50. International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), Kogod Goldman, Robert
51. International Commission of the Oder, Jurisdiction of, Case, McCaffrey, Stephen C
52. International Commission on Civil Status (ICCS), Gebauer, Martin
53. International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM), Christian, Schaller
54. International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Gasser, Hans-Peter
55. International Congress of Women (1915), Baetens, Freya
56. International Court of Justice (ICJ), Rosenne, Shabtai
57. International Court of Justice , Optional Clause, Fitzmaurice, Malgosia
58. International Court of Justice, Rules and Practice Directions, Koroma, Abdul G
59. International Courts and Tribunals, Tomuschat, Christian
60. International Courts and Tribunals, Agents, Counsel and Advocates, Valencia-Ospina, Eduardo
61. International Courts and Tribunals, Amicus Curiae, Sands, Philippe J and Mackenzie, Ruth
62. International Courts and Tribunals, Appeals, Oellers-Frahm, Karin
63. International Courts and Tribunals, Chambers, Mackenzie, Ruth
64. International Courts and Tribunals, Discontinuance of Cases, Wood, Michael
65. International Courts and Tribunals, Evidence, Wolfrum, Rüdiger
66. International Courts and Tribunals, Intervention in Proceedings, Zimmermann, Andreas
67. International Courts and Tribunals, Judges and Arbitrators, Oellers-Frahm, Karin
68. International Courts and Tribunals, Jurisdiction and Admissibility of Inter-State Applications, Rosenne, Shabtai
69. International Courts and Tribunals, Multiple Jurisdiction, Reinisch, August
70. International Courts and Tribunals, Non-Appearance, Goldmann, Matthias
71. International Courts and Tribunals, Procedure, Sorel, Jean-Marc
72. International Courts and Tribunals, Rules and Practice Directions (ECJ, CFI, ECtHR, IACtHR, ICSID, ITLOS, WTO Panels and Appellate Body), Knust Rassekh Afshar, Mandana
73. International Courts and Tribunals, Standing, Del Vecchio, Angela
74. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966), Tomuschat, Christian
75. International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1966), Riedel, Eibe
76. International Criminal Court (ICC), Kaul, Hans-Peter
77. International Criminal Courts and Tribunals, Complementarity and Jurisdiction, Bergsmo, Morten and Webb, Philippa
78. International Criminal Courts and Tribunals, Defences, Dinstein, Yoram
79. International Criminal Courts and Tribunals, Procedure, Schomburg, Wolfgang and Nemitz, Jan Christoph
80. International Criminal Jurisdiction, Protective Principle, Cameron, Iain
81. International Criminal Law , Kre?, Claus
82. International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda , Pocar, Fausto
83. International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Pocar, Fausto
84. International Development Association (IDA), Guder, Leonie
85. International Economic Law, Herdegen, Matthias
86. International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Mehring, Sigrid
87. International Finance Corporation (IFC), Asrani, Sheetal and Dann, Philipp
88. International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Dann, Philipp
89. International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), Ehlers, Peter
90. International Labour Organization (ILO), Sauer, Heiko
91. International Law, Wolfrum, Rüdiger
92. International Law and Domestic (Municipal) Law, Dupuy, Pierre-Marie
93. International Law and Domestic (Municipal) Law, Law and Decisions of International Organizations and Courts, Polakiewicz, Jürg
94. International Law Association (ILA), Stein, Torsten
95. International Law Commission (ILC), Rao, Pemmaraju Sreenivasa
96. International Law, Development through International Organizations , Policies and Practice, Rüben, Volker
97. International Law, Regional Developments: Africa, A Mensah, Thomas
98. International Law, Regional Developments: East Asia, Hamamoto, Shotaro
99. International Law, Regional Developments: Islam, Fadel, Mohammad
100. International Law, Regional Developments: Latin America, Marotta Rangel, Vicente
101. International Law, Regional Developments: South and South-East Asia, Desierto, Diane A
102. International Legal Theory and Doctrine, Koskenniemi, Martti
103. International Legislation, Brunnée, Jutta
104. International Maritime Organization (IMO), Mensah, Thomas A
105. International Military Forces, Zwanenburg, Marten
106. International Military Tribunals, Fuchs, Johannes and Lattanzi, Flavia
107. International Monetary Fund (IMF), Schlemmer-Schulte, Sabine
108. International Monetary Fund, Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP), Schlemmer-Schulte, Sabine
109. International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds, Mensah, Thomas A
110. International Organization for Migration (IOM), Bast, Jürgen
111. International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Sander, Gerald G
112. International Organizations or Institutions, Decision-Making Bodies, Blokker, Niels M
113. International Organizations or Institutions, Decision-Making Process, Klein, Pierre
114. International Organizations or Institutions, Democratic Legitimacy, Krajewski, Markus
115. International Organizations or Institutions, External Relations and cooperation, Rensmann, Thilo
116. International Organizations or Institutions, Financing of, Schermers, Henry G and Blokker, Niels M
117. International Organizations or Institutions, General Aspects, Schmalenbach, Kirsten
118. International Organizations or Institutions, Headquarters, Herbst, Jochen
119. International Organizations or Institutions, History of, Kolb, Robert
120. International Organizations or Institutions, Immunities before National Courts, Wickremasinghe, Chanaka
121. International Organizations or Institutions, Implied Powers, Blokker, Niels M
122. International Organizations or Institutions, Internal Law and Rules, Klein, Pierre
123. International Organizations or Institutions, Legal Remedies against Acts of Organs, Schmalenbach, Kirsten
124. International Organizations or Institutions, Membership, Schermers, Henry G and Blokker, Niels M
125. International Organizations or Institutions, Observer Status, Rensmann, Thilo
126. International Organizations or Institutions, Privileges and Immunities, Müldner, Mirka
127. International Organizations or Institutions, Regional Groups, Forteau, Mathias
128. International Organizations or Institutions, Responsibility and Liability, Hartwig, Matthias
129. International Organizations or Institutions, Secondary Law, Benzing, Markus
130. International Organizations or Institutions, Secretariats, Blokker, Niels M
131. International Organizations or Institutions, Succession, Schmalenbach, Kirsten
132. International Organizations or Institutions, Supervision and Sanctions, Schmalenbach, Kirsten
133. International Organizations or Institutions, Voting Rules and Procedures, Schermers, Henry G and Blokker, Niels M
134. International Prize Court (IPC), Ronzitti, Natalino
135. International Public Order, Kokott, Juliane and Hoffmeister, Frank
136. International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, Wilms, Hans Christian
137. International Refugee Organization (IRO), Melander, Güran
138. International Relations, Principal Theories, Slaughter, Anne-Marie
139. International Schools and Universities, Hodgson, Douglas
140. International Seabed Area, Graf Vitzthum, Wolfgang
141. International Seabed Authority (ISA), Wood, Michael
142. International Sports Law, Nafziger, James AR
143. International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Westphal, Dietrich
144. International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO (ITC), Fabbricotti, Alberta
145. International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, Rao, Patibandla Chandrasekhara
146. International Union of Lawyers (UIA), Lost-Sieminska, Dorota
147. International Watercourses, McCaffrey, Stephen C
148. International Watercourses, Environmental Protection, McCaffrey, Stephen C
149. Internationale Handelsgesellschaft Case, Stein, Torsten
150. Internationalization, Wolfrum, Rüdiger and Pichon, Jakob
151. Internet, Woltag, Johann-Christoph
152. Internment, Sassà²li, Marco
153. Interpol, Gless, Sabine
154. Interpretation in International Law, Herdegen, Matthias
155. Intertanko Case, Lorenzmeier, Stefan
156. Intertemporal Law, Kotzur, Markus
157. Intervention by Invitation, Nolte, Georg
158. Intervention, Prohibition of, Kunig, Philip
159. Investment Codes, Burgstaller, Markus and Waibel, Michael
160. Investment Disputes, Schreuer, Christoph
161. Investments, Bilateral Treaties , Jacob, Marc
162. Investments, International Protection, Schreuer, Christoph
163. Iran-United States Claims Tribunal, Pinto, Christopher
164. Iraq-Kuwait War (1990-91), Schmitt, Michael N
165. Iraq, Invasion of (2003), Heintschel von Heinegg, Wolff
166. Iraq, Non-Fly Zones, Wood, Michael
167. Iraqi Special Tribunal, Newton, Michael A
168. Irredentism, Palermo, Francesco
169. Islamic Approach to International Law, Mahmoudi, Said
170. Islands, Dipla, Haritini
171. Islands, New, Dipla, Haritini
172. Israel, Occupied Territories, Rubin, Benjamin
173. Israeli Wall Advisory Opinion (Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory), Watts QC, Arthur
174. Ius cogens, Frowein, Jochen A



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