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1. Gab?à­kovo-Nagymaros Case (Hungary/Slovakia), Schrijver, Nico J and Prislan, Vid
2. Gacaca Courts, Hankel, Gerd
3. Gali? Case, Heilmann, Daniel
4. Ganges River, Subedi, Surya P
5. Gay Rights, Graupner, Helmut
6. Gender-Based Crimes, Chinkin, Christine
7. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (1947 and 1994), Benedek, Wolfgang
8. General Agreement on Trade in Services (1994), Krajewski, Markus
9. General Comments/Recommendations, Ando, Nisuke
10. General International Law (Principles, Rules, and Standards), Wolfrum, Rüdiger
11. General Participation Clause (Clausula si omnes), Gautier, Philippe
12. General Principles of Law, Gaja, Giorgio
13. Genetically Modified Organisms, Bückenfürde, Markus
14. Geneva Conventions Additional Protocol I (1977), Crawford, Emily
15. Geneva Conventions Additional Protocol II (1977), Crawford, Emily
16. Geneva Conventions I-IV (1949), Gasser, Hans-Peter and Thürer, Daniel
17. Genocide, Schabas, William A
18. Genocide Convention, Reservations (Advisory Opinion), Schabas, William A
19. Geographically Disadvantaged States, Hafner, Gerhard
20. Geostationary Orbit, Hobe, Stephan
21. German Forced Labour Compensation Programme, Bank, Roland and Foltz, Friederike
22. German Interests in Polish Upper Silesia Cases, Hartwig, Matthias and Seidl-Hohenveldern, Ignaz
23. German Minorities in Poland, Cases Concerning the, Alfredsson, Gudmundur
24. German Minority Schools in Upper Silesia (Advisory Opinion), Spiermann, Ole
25. Germany-United States Peace Treaty (1921), Goldstein, Erik
26. Germany, Occupation after World War II, Kempen, Bernhard
27. Gibraltar, Waibel, Michael
28. Gibraltar, Strait of, Rothwell, Donald R
29. Global Administrative law , Kingsbury, Benedict and Donaldson, Megan
30. Global Compact, Khan, Rahmatullah
31. Global Environment Facility (GEF), Dolzer, Rudolf
32. Globalization, Mégret, Frédéric
33. Goa, Conflict, Dixit, RK
34. Good Faith (Bona fide), Kotzur, Markus
35. Good Governance, Weiss, Edith Brown and Sornarajah, Ahila
36. Good Offices, Lapidoth, Ruth
37. Goods, Free Circulation of, Weiss, Friedl and Steiner, Silke
38. Governance, Theory of, Ladeur, Karl-Heinz
39. Governmental Activities on Foreign Territory, Orakhelashvili, Alexander
40. Governments, Magiera, Siegfried
41. Governments in Exile, Tiroch, Katrin
42. Gran Chaco Conflict (1928-35), Marotta Rangel, Vicente
43. Great Lakes Region, Africa, Hamann, Hartmut
44. Great Lakes, North America, Morrison, Fred L
45. Grenada, Beck, Robert J
46. Grisbadarna Case, Mahmoudi, Said
47. Gross and Systematic Human Rights Violations, Damrosch, Lori Fisler
48. Groundwater Protection, Mechlem, Kerstin
49. Group of 77 (G77), Khan, Rahmatullah
50. Group of Eight (G8), Gatzschmann, Ina
51. Group Rights, Wenzel, Nicola
52. Guantánamo Naval Base, de Zayas, Alfred
53. Guantánamo, Detainees, Sassà²li, Marco
54. Guardianship of Infants Convention Case, Maierhüfer, Christian
55. Guerrilla Forces, Schaller, Christian
56. Gulf of Maine Case, Nelson, Dolliver
57. Gut Dam Claims, Mahmoudi, Said
58. Guyana v Suriname Maritime Boundary Arbitration, Aizenstatd, Alexander
59. Guyana-Venezuela Border Dispute, Brewer-Carà­as, Allan R



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