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1. Cabotage, Giemulla, Elmar M
2. Calvo Doctrine/Calvo Clause, Juillard, Patrick
3. Cambodia Conflicts (Kampuchea), Keller, Lucy
4. Camp David Accords (1978), Quigley, John B
5. Canals, Arcari, Maurizio
6. Canevaro Claim Arbitration, Benedek, Wolfgang
7. Capital, Free Flow of, Ruffert, Matthias
8. Capitulations, Bell, Christine
9. Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Byron, Dennis and Malcolm, Christopher
10. Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Byron, Dennis and Malcolm, Christopher
11. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Macalister-Smith, Peter
12. Caroline, The, Greenwood, Christopher
13. Casamance Conflict, Panara, Carlo
14. Case concerning Certain Questions of Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters (Djibouti v France), Grote, Jenny
15. Cash and Carry Clause, Zimmermann, Dominik
16. Cavallo Case, Méndez, Juan E and Bariffi, Francisco J
17. Ceasefire, Bell, Christine
18. Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CAEMC), Savadogo, Louis
19. Central America, Grote, Rainer
20. Central American Court of Justice (1907-18), Cortado, Rosa Riquelme
21. Central American Court of Justice (CACJ), Virzo, Roberto
22. Central American Integration System (SICA), Riquelme Cortado, Rosa
23. Central Treaty Organization (CENTO), Fuchs, Christine
24. Certain Criminal Proceedings in France Case (Congo v France), Sauer, Heiko
25. Certain Expenses of the United Nations (Advisory Opinion), Dürr, Oliver
26. Certain Phosphate Lands in Nauru Case (Nauru v Australia), Schrijver, Nico J
27. Certain Property Case (Liechtenstein v Germany), Wasum-Rainer, Susanne
28. Cession, Dürr, Oliver
29. Ceuta and Melilla, Khan, Daniel-Erasmus
30. Channel Islands and Isle of Man, Anderson, David Heywood
31. Channel Tunnel, Whomersley, Chris
32. Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States (1974), Boon, Kristen
33. Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (2000), Kadelbach, Stefan
34. Chechnya, Grant, Thomas D
35. Chemical Weapons and Warfare, Marauhn, Thilo
36. Chevreau Claim Arbitration, Schmahl, Stefanie
37. Chicago Convention (1944), Tomas, Lisa
38. Child Abduction, McEleavy, Peter
39. Children and Armed Conflict, Arnold, Roberta
40. Children, International Protection, Baimu, Evarist
41. Chilean Copper, Nationalization, Review by Courts of Third States, Lowenfeld, Andreas F
42. China, Ahl, Bjürn
43. Civil Aviation, Offences against Safety, Aust, Anthony
44. Civil Defence, Arnold, Roberta and Zimmermann, Dominik
45. Civil Service, International, Beigbeder, Yves
46. Civil Society, Staberock, Gerald
47. Civilian Objects, Steiger, Dominik
48. Civilian Participation in Armed Conflict, Melzer, Nils
49. Civilian Population in Armed Conflict, Ronzitti, Natalino
50. Civilized Nations, Sloan, James
51. Claims, International, Orrego Vicuña, Francisco
52. Clean Development Mechanism, Sands, Philippe J and Millar, Ilona
53. Clean Hands, Principle, Schwebel, Stephen M
54. Clerget v Banque commerciale pour l’Europe du Nord Case, Herdegen, Matthias
55. Climate, International Protection, Sands, Philippe J and Millar, Ilona
56. Clipperton Island Arbitration, Pierlings, Tobias
57. Cloning, International Regulation, von Achenbach, Jelena and Clados, Miriam
58. Cluster Munitions, Blum, Gabriella
59. Coded Communications (Encryption), Woltag, Johann-Christoph
60. Codes of Conduct, Friedrich, Jürgen
61. Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), Sander, Gerald G
62. Codification and Progressive Development of International Law, Watts QC, Arthur
63. Coercion, Joyner, Christopher C
64. Cold War (1947-91), Afsah, Ebrahim
65. Collective Punishment, Rabbat, Paul and Mehring, Sigrid
66. Collective Security, de Wet, Erika and Wood, Michael
67. Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), Douhan, Alena
68. Collisions at Sea, Shearer, Ivan
69. Colombo Plan (CP), Wortmann, Martin
70. Colonialism, Kammerer, Jürn Axel
71. Colorado River, Pring, George (Rock) and Moehring, Ryan
72. Columbia River, Pring, George (Rock) and Whitehead, Kirk
73. Combatants, Sassà²li, Marco
74. Combatants, Unlawful, Dürmann, Knut
75. Comité Juridique (COJUR), Hoffmeister, Frank
76. Comity, Kammerer, Jürn Axel
77. Command Responsibility, Dinstein, Yoram
78. Commercial Arbitration and Mediation Center for the Americas (CAMCA), Ernst, Andrea
79. Commercial Arbitration, International, Kreindler, Richard H and Heinemann, Rita
80. Commercial Contracts, UNIDROIT Principles, Bonell, Michael Joachim
81. Commercial Treaties , Oesch, Matthias
82. Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), Subedi, Surya P
83. Committee of Legal Advisers on Public International Law (CAHDI), Wood, Michael
84. Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR), Riedel, Eibe
85. Commodities, International Regulation of Production and Trade, Geboye Desta, Melaku
86. Common but Differentiated Responsibilities, Hey, Ellen
87. Common Fund for Commodities (CFC), Ohler, Christoph
88. Common Heritage of Mankind, Wolfrum, Rüdiger
89. Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), Killander, Magnus
90. Commonwealth, Steinorth, Charlotte
91. Commonwealth, Subjects and Nationality Rules, Fransman, Laurie
92. Community Interest, Feichtner, Isabel
93. Comparative Law: Functions and Methods, de Cruz, Peter
94. Compensation, Wittich, Stephan
95. Compensation for Personal Damages Suffered during World War II, Hofmann, Rainer
96. Compensation Fund, Kojima, Chie
97. Competences of the International Labour Organization (Advisory Opinion), Bruha, Thomas
98. Compliance, Bothe, Michael
99. Compliance, Theory of, Delcourt, Barbara
100. Compromis, Thirlway, Hugh
101. Concessions, Ohler, Christoph
102. Conciliation, Cot, Jean-Pierre
103. Conciliation Commissions Established pursuant to Art. 83 Peace Treaty with Italy (1947), d’Argent, Pierre
104. Concordats, Ferrari, Silvio
105. Conditionality, Pinelli, Cesare
106. Condominium and Coimperium, Morrison, Fred L
107. Confederations of States, Morrison, Fred L
108. Conference (Meeting) of States Parties, Rüben, Volker
109. Conferences and Congresses, International, Sabel, Robbie
110. Conferences on the Law of the Sea, Rosenne, Shabtai and Gebhard, Julia
111. Confidence-Building Measures, Lachowski, Zdzislaw
112. Conflict Prevention, Moolakkattu, John S
113. Congo River, Pring, George (Rock) and Witkus, Carolyn C
114. Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Philipp, Christiane E
115. Connally Reservation, Stahn, Carsten
116. Conquest, Kohen, Marcelo G
117. Conscientious Objection, Byrne, Rosemary
118. Consensus, Wolfrum, Rüdiger and Pichon, Jakob
119. Consent, Brunnée, Jutta
120. Conservation of Natural Resources, Beyerlin, Ulrich and Holzer, Vanessa
121. Consular Functions, Czubik, Pawe? and Szwedo, Piotr
122. Consular Jurisdiction, Czubik, Pawe? and Szwedo, Piotr
123. Consular Treaties , Angelet, Nicolas
124. Consuls, Kowalski, Michal
125. Contiguous Zone, Caminos, Hugo
126. Continental Shelf , Stoll, Peter-Tobias
127. Continental Shelf Arbitration (France v United Kingdom), Oude Elferink, Alex G
128. Continental Shelf Case (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya/Malta), Oude Elferink, Alex G
129. Continental Shelf, Commission on the Limits of the, Oude Elferink, Alex G
130. Continuity of States, Zimmermann, Andreas
131. Continuous Nationality, Dugard, John
132. Contraband, Schaller, Christian
133. Contracts between International Organizations and Private Law Persons, Reinisch, August
134. Contracts between States and Foreign Private Law Persons, Marboe, Irmgard and Reinisch, August
135. Contributions, Venzke, Ingo
136. Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Regime, Stein, Torsten
137. Convoy, Venzke, Ingo
138. Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC), Abou-El-Wafa, Ahmed
139. Cooperation, International Law of, Wolfrum, Rüdiger
140. Corfu Channel Case, Waibel, Michael
141. Corporations in International Law, Muchlinski, Peter
142. Corruption, Fight against, Abbott, Kenneth W
143. Costa Rica Packet Arbitration, Dietzmann, Jeannine
144. Costa v ENEL Case, Hilf, Meinhard
145. Côte d’Ivoire, Kouassi, Adome Blaise
146. Council of Europe (COE), Polakiewicz, Jürg
147. Credentials, Salmon, Jean
148. Crimean War (1853-56), Schieder, Theodor
149. Crimes against Humanity, Acquaviva, Guido and Pocar, Fausto
150. Criminal Jurisdiction of States under International Law, Bantekas, Ilias
151. Critical Theory, Frankenberg, Günter
152. Croatia, Sersic, Maja
153. Cuba, Lowenfeld, Andreas F
154. Cuban Missile Crisis, Munton, Don and Rennie, Elizabeth
155. Cultural Diversity, von Schorlemer, Sabine
156. Cultural Heritage, Francioni, Francesco
157. Cultural Life, Right to Participate in, International Protection, O’Keefe, Roger
158. Cultural Property, Protection in Armed Conflict, Wolfrum, Rüdiger
159. Currency Control, Leckow, Ross and Strauss, Michael
160. Curzon Line, de Zayas, Alfred and Fleck, Dieter
161. Customary International Law , Treves, Tullio
162. Customs Law, International, Einhorn, Talia
163. Customs Regime between Germany and Austria (Advisory Opinion), Alleweldt, Ralf
164. Customs Unions, Kaufmann, Christine
165. Cyber Warfare, Woltag, Johann-Christoph
166. Cyprus, Hoffmeister, Frank
167. Czechoslovakia, Dissolution of, Hofmann, Mahulena



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