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MPEPIL: Overview articles


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Overview articles:

1. Air Law, Tomas, Lisa
2. Armed Conflict, International, Crawford, Emily
3. Collective Security, de Wet, Erika and Wood, Michael
4. Compensation for Personal Damages Suffered during World War II, Hofmann, Rainer
5. Compliance, Bothe, Michael
6. Cooperation, International Law of, Wolfrum, Rüdiger
7. Customary International Law , Treves, Tullio
8. Development, International Law of, Mahiou, Ahmed
9. Diplomacy , Jara Roncati, Eduardo
10. Environment, International Protection, Beyerlin, Ulrich and Stoutenburg, Jenny Grote
11. Foreign Relations Law, Giegerich, Thomas
12. History of International Law , Basic Questions and Principles, Preiser, Wolfgang
13. Human Rights, Buergenthal, Thomas
14. Humanitarian Law, International, Gasser, Hans-Peter and Thürer, Daniel
15. International Courts and Tribunals, Tomuschat, Christian
16. International Criminal Law , Kre?, Claus
17. International Economic Law, Herdegen, Matthias
18. International Law and Domestic (Municipal) Law, Dupuy, Pierre-Marie
19. International Legal Theory and Doctrine, Koskenniemi, Martti
20. International Organizations or Institutions, General Aspects, Schmalenbach, Kirsten
21. Jurisdiction of States, Oxman, Bernard H
22. Law of the Sea, Treves, Tullio
23. Legitimacy in International Law, Wolfrum, Rüdiger
24. Methodology of International Law, Koskenniemi, Martti
25. Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes, Pellet, Alain
26. Regional International Law, Forteau, Mathias
27. Retorsion, Giegerich, Thomas
28. Self-Defence, Greenwood, Christopher
29. Self-Determination, Thürer, Daniel and Burri, Thomas
30. Sources of International Law, Wolfrum, Rüdiger
31. State Immunity, Stoll, Peter-Tobias
32. State Responsibility, Crawford, James R
33. Subjects of International Law, Walter, Christian
34. Treaties , Fitzmaurice, Malgosia
35. United Nations (UN), Frowein, Jochen A



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