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MPEPIL: International economic law and relations


Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (MPEPIL) list of articles of this subject.

List of articles pertaining to this subject:
International economic law and relations:

1. AAPL v Sri Lanka Case, Marboe, Irmgard
2. Abu Dhabi Oil Arbitration, Dolzer, Rudolf
3. Admiralty Law, de la Motte, Thomas
4. African Union (AU), Viljoen, Frans
5. Agenda 21, Shelton, Dinah
6. Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (1994), Gervais, Daniel
7. Amco v Indonesia Case, Marboe, Irmgard
8. Angary, Right of, Heintschel von Heinegg, Wolff
9. Anglo-Iranian Oil Company Case, Orakhelashvili, Alexander
10. Anti-Dumping, Vermulst, Edwin
11. Antitrust or Competition Law, International, Basedow, Jürgen
12. Arab Free Trade Area Agreement (1997), Balz, Kilian
13. Arab Maghreb Union (AMU), Ouaissa, Rachid
14. Argentine Debt Crisis, Kammerer, Jürn Axel
15. Arms, Traffic in, Cassimatis, Anthony E and Greenwood, Kate
16. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Grote, Rainer
17. Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Malanczuk, Peter
18. Association, Freedom of, International Protection, Barbosa-Fohrmann, Ana Paula
19. Atmosphere, International Protection, Kreuter-Kirchhof, Charlotte
20. Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Jacob, Marc
21. Barcelona Traction Case , Wittich, Stephan
22. Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union (BLEU), Somers, Eduard
23. Biological Safety, Bückenfürde, Markus
24. Blockade, Heintschel von Heinegg, Wolff
25. Bosphorus Case, Wenzel, Nicola
26. Boycott, Joyner, Christopher C
27. Bretton Woods Conference (1944), Lowenfeld, Andreas F
28. Cabotage, Giemulla, Elmar M
29. Capital, Free Flow of, Ruffert, Matthias
30. Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Byron, Dennis and Malcolm, Christopher
31. Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CAEMC), Savadogo, Louis
32. Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States (1974), Boon, Kristen
33. Chilean Copper, Nationalization, Review by Courts of Third States, Lowenfeld, Andreas F
34. Clean Development Mechanism, Sands, Philippe J and Millar, Ilona
35. Climate, International Protection, Sands, Philippe J and Millar, Ilona
36. Coercion, Joyner, Christopher C
37. Colombo Plan (CP), Wortmann, Martin
38. Commercial Arbitration, International, Kreindler, Richard H and Heinemann, Rita
39. Commercial Contracts, UNIDROIT Principles, Bonell, Michael Joachim
40. Commercial Treaties , Oesch, Matthias
41. Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), Subedi, Surya P
42. Commodities, International Regulation of Production and Trade, Geboye Desta, Melaku
43. Common Fund for Commodities (CFC), Ohler, Christoph
44. Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), Killander, Magnus
45. Compensation Fund, Kojima, Chie
46. Concessions, Ohler, Christoph
47. Conservation of Natural Resources, Beyerlin, Ulrich and Holzer, Vanessa
48. Corporations in International Law, Muchlinski, Peter
49. Currency Control, Leckow, Ross and Strauss, Michael
50. Customs Law, International, Einhorn, Talia
51. Customs Regime between Germany and Austria (Advisory Opinion), Alleweldt, Ralf
52. Customs Unions, Kaufmann, Christine
53. Data, Transboundary Flow, International Protection, Malanczuk, Peter
54. Debt Crisis, Walter, Christian
55. Debt-for-Nature Swaps, Magraw, Daniel B and Blomquist, Robert F
56. Debts, Paulus, Christoph G
57. Desertification, Beyerlin, Ulrich
58. Developing Countries, Hirsch, Moshe
59. Development, International Law of, Mahiou, Ahmed
60. Development, Right to, International Protection, Marong, Alhagi
61. Doha Round, Tempone, Eduardo and Vinuesa, Raúl Emilio
62. Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement (2004), Formiga, Ulysses Moreira
63. Double Taxation, Margalioth, Yoram
64. Earth Charter (2000), Bosselmann, Klaus
65. EC-Bananas Case, Griller, Stefan and Vranes, Erich
66. EC-Hormones Case, Koebele, Michael
67. Eco-Labelling, Rüben, Volker
68. Economic Coercion, Carter, Barry E
69. Economic Community of Central African States, Savadogo, Louis
70. Economic Integration, Comparative Analysis, Mestral, Armand de
71. Economic Organizations and Groups, International, Fabbricotti, Alberta
72. Economic Sanctions, Carter, Barry E
73. Economic Warfare, Lowe, Vaughan and Tzanakopoulos, Antonios
74. Elettronica Sicula Case, Tomka, Peter
75. Emissions Trading, Schrüder, Meinhard
76. Environmentally Sound Economic Activity, International Law, Pushkareva, Elvira
77. Equator Principles, González Napolitano, Silvina S
78. Equitable Utilization of Shared Resources, del Castillo-Laborde, Lilian
79. ERTA Case, Kadelbach, Stefan
80. Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC), Kembayev, Zhenis
81. European (Economic) Community, Guerra Martins, Ana Maria
82. European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), von Borries, Reimer
83. European Economic Area (EEA), Bast, Jürgen
84. European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Harpaz, Guy
85. European Patent System, Busche, Jan and Makoski, Bernadette
86. Exclusive Economic Zone , Nelson, Dolliver
87. Fair and Equitable Treatment, Angelet, Nicolas
88. Financial Assistance, da Empoli, Domenico
89. Financial Institutions, International, Ragazzi, Maurizio
90. Fisheries Agreements, Bangert, Kaare
91. Fisheries Jurisdiction Cases (United Kingdom v Iceland; Federal Republic of Germany v Iceland), Tomka, Peter
92. Fishery Zones and Limits, Rothwell, Donald R
93. Fishing Boats, Churchill, Robin R
94. Flag of Ships, Künig, Doris
95. Flags of Convenience, Künig, Doris
96. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Mechlem, Kerstin
97. Foreign Aid Agreements, Dann, Philipp and Riegner, Michael
98. Free Ports, Vitzthum, Wolfgang Graf
99. Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), Moreira Formiga, Ulysses
100. Free Trade Areas, Kübele, Michael
101. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (1947 and 1994), Benedek, Wolfgang
102. General Agreement on Trade in Services (1994), Krajewski, Markus
103. Genetically Modified Organisms, Bückenfürde, Markus
104. Global Environment Facility (GEF), Dolzer, Rudolf
105. Goods, Free Circulation of, Weiss, Friedl and Steiner, Silke
106. Group of 77 (G77), Khan, Rahmatullah
107. Hague Conventions on Private International Law and on International Civil Procedure, Martiny, Dieter
108. Haile Selassie v Cable & Wireless Ltd Case, Rensmann, Thilo
109. Havana Charter (1948), Sacerdoti, Giorgio
110. Immigration, Weissbrodt, David
111. Industrial Property, International Protection, Cottier, Thomas
112. Intellectual Property, International Protection, Abbott, Frederick M
113. Inter-American Commercial Arbitration Commission (IACAC), Montt, Santiago
114. Interdependence, Mahiou, Ahmed
115. Interhandel Case, Tams, Christian J
116. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), Schlemmer-Schulte, Sabine
117. International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), Schreuer, Christoph
118. International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Martiny, Dieter
119. International Civil Litigation, Hess, Burkhard
120. International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1966), Riedel, Eibe
121. International Development Association (IDA), Guder, Leonie
122. International Economic Law, Herdegen, Matthias
123. International Finance Corporation (IFC), Asrani, Sheetal and Dann, Philipp
124. International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Dann, Philipp
125. International Labour Organization (ILO), Sauer, Heiko
126. International Monetary Fund (IMF), Schlemmer-Schulte, Sabine
127. International Monetary Fund, Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP), Schlemmer-Schulte, Sabine
128. International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Sander, Gerald G
129. International Seabed Authority (ISA), Wood, Michael
130. International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO (ITC), Fabbricotti, Alberta
131. Internationale Handelsgesellschaft Case, Stein, Torsten
132. Investment Codes, Burgstaller, Markus and Waibel, Michael
133. Investment Disputes, Schreuer, Christoph
134. Investments, Bilateral Treaties , Jacob, Marc
135. Investments, International Protection, Schreuer, Christoph
136. Joint Exploitation Areas, Ong, David M
137. Joint Implementation, Schrüder, Meinhard
138. Kimberley Process, Heilmann, Daniel
139. Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA), Montt, Santiago
140. Latin American Integration Association (ALADI), Montt, Santiago
141. Lena Goldfields Arbitration, Ernst, Andrea
142. Lex Mercatoria , Schill, Stephan W
143. Like Products, Choi, Won-Mog and Baetens, Freya
144. Liner Conferences, Carbone, Sergio M
145. London Agreement on German External Debts (1953), Jacob, Marc
146. Maffezini v Spain Case, Reinisch, August
147. Martini Case, WeiàŸ, Wolfgang
148. Mass Claims, Holtzmann, Howard M
149. MERCOSUR, Schmidt, Jan Peter
150. MERCOSUR, Permanent Appeals Court, Klumpp, Marianne
151. Migrant Workers, Cholewinski, Ryszard
152. Migration, Kugelmann, Dieter
153. Monetary Law, European, Andenas, Mads
154. Monetary Law, International, Lowenfeld, Andreas F
155. Monetary Unions and Monetary Zones, Guder, Leonie
156. Moratorium, Asrani, Sheetal and Dann, Philipp
157. Most-Favoured-Nation Clause, Hilf, Meinhard and Gei?, Robin
158. Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), Schill, Stephan W
159. Mutual Legal Assistance in Civil and Commercial Matters, Martiny, Dieter
160. National Treatment, Principle, Vinuesa, Raúl Emilio
161. New International Economic Order (NIEO), Sacerdoti, Giorgio
162. New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), Marong, Alhagi
163. Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade, Terhechte, Jürg Philipp
164. North American Free Trade Agreement (1992), Abbott, Frederick M
165. North American Free Trade Agreement, Case Law, Abbott, Frederick M
166. North American Free Trade Agreement, Dispute Settlement, Abbott, Frederick M
167. Oil Concession Disputes, Arbitration on, von Walter, André
168. Opinion 1/94, Heliskoski, Joni
169. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Bonucci, Nicola and Kothari, Gita
170. Organization for Economic cooperation and Development, International Energy Agency (IEA), Trüe, Christiane
171. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Nuclear Energy Agency, Trüe, Christiane
172. Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Moos, Lisa
173. Ottoman Debt Arbitration, Holm-Hadulla, Moritz
174. Pacific Islands Forum, Blatt, Henning
175. Panevezys-Saldutiskis Railway Case, Riedel, Eibe
176. Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (2005)/Accra Agenda for Action (2008), Dann, Philipp and Vierck, Leonie
177. Plant Genetic Resources, International Protection, Rose, Gregory
178. Portugal v Council Case, Eeckhout, Piet
179. Property, Right to, International Protection, Kriebaum, Ursula and Reinisch, August
180. Public Private Partnership, Abbott, Kenneth W
181. Regional Trade Agreements, Bartels, Lorand
182. Revere Copper Arbitral Award, Ernst, Andrea
183. Rules of Origin, Hirsch, Moshe
184. Russian Indemnity Arbitration, Beknazar, Tigran B
185. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, Marceau, Gabrielle and Trachtman, Joel
186. Services, Trade in, Krajewski, Markus
187. Singapore Oil Stocks Case, Paparinskis, Martins
188. Social Security, Right to, International Protection, NuàŸberger, Angelika
189. Société Levant Express Transport v Chemins de fer du gouvernement iranien Case, Couzigou, Irène
190. South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), Khan, Rahmatullah
191. Southern African Development Community (SADC), Viljoen, Frans and Saurombe, Amos
192. Standard of Living, Promotion of, Peter, Chris Maina
193. State Bankruptcy, Kammerer, Jürn Axel
194. Subsidies, International Restrictions, Adamantopoulos, Konstantinos and Beck, Jochen P
195. Sustainable Development, Beyerlin, Ulrich
196. Taxation, International, Margalioth, Yoram
197. Technical Assistance, Dordi, Claudio and Kostecki, Michel
198. Technical Barriers to Trade, Marceau, Gabrielle and Trachtman, Joel P
199. Technology Transfer, Waibel, Michael and Alford, William
200. The International Tin Council (ITC), Hartwig, Matthias
201. Tinoco Concessions Arbitration, Hagedorn, Cornelia
202. Trade and Culture, Graber, Christoph Beat
203. Trade and Human Rights, Bartels, Lorand
204. Trade and Labour Standards, Kaufmann, Christine
205. Trading with the Enemy, Bazyler, Michael J
206. Transit of Goods over Foreign Territory, Einhorn, Talia
207. Trendtex Trading Corporation v Central Bank of Nigeria Case, Ziegler, Katja S
208. Trust Funds, Bantekas, Ilias
209. Uniform Sales Law, Parmentier, Miriam
210. Unilateral Trade Measures, Ohler, Christoph
211. United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), Dann, Philipp
212. United Nations Commission on International trade law (UNCITRAL), Zumbansen, Peer and Panezi, Maria
213. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Fortin, Carlos
214. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Schoiswohl, Michael
215. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Bredel, Ralf and Kitaoka, Kazuki
216. Uruguay Round, Oesch, Matthias
217. US-Shrimp Case, Oesch, Matthias
218. Van Gend & Loos Case, Mayer, Franz C
219. Vivendi (Compañà­a de Aguas del Aconquija) v Argentina Case, Alexandrov, Stanimir A
220. Waiver, Feichtner, Isabel
221. Wena v Egypt Case, Kriebaum, Ursula
222. Work, Right to, International Protection, NuàŸberger, Angelika
223. World Bank Group, Ragazzi, Maurizio
224. World Customs Organization (WCO), Kaufmann, Christine
225. World Trade Organization (WTO), Stoll, Peter-Tobias
226. World Trade Organization, Dispute Settlement, Stoll, Peter-Tobias
227. World Trade Organization, Enforcement System, Koebele, Michael
228. World Trade, Principles, Petersmann, Ernst-Ulrich
229. Zeiss Cases, Stein, Torsten



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