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Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (MPEPIL) list of articles of this subject.

List of articles pertaining to this subject:
Foreign relations:

1. Achille Lauro Affair (1985), Ragni, Chiara
2. Alliances, Fawcett, Louise
3. Aqaba, Gulf of, Gioia, Andrea
4. Balance of Power, Vagts, Detlev
5. Berlin Congress (1878), Bogaert, Sina Van den
6. Berlin West Africa Conference (1884-85), Anghie, Antony
7. Calvo Doctrine/Calvo Clause, Juillard, Patrick
8. Civilized Nations, Sloan, James
9. Colonialism, Kammerer, Jürn Axel
10. Commonwealth, Subjects and Nationality Rules, Fransman, Laurie
11. Compensation, Wittich, Stephan
12. Compliance, Theory of, Delcourt, Barbara
13. Confidence-Building Measures, Lachowski, Zdzislaw
14. Continuous Nationality, Dugard, John
15. Criminal Jurisdiction of States under International Law, Bantekas, Ilias
16. Decolonization, Khan, Rahmatullah
17. Decolonization: Belgian Territories, Baetens, Freya
18. Decolonization: Dutch Territories, van Aggelen, JGC
19. Decolonization: French Territories, Mbengue, Makane Moà¯se
20. Decolonization: Portuguese Territories, Fischer, Matthias and Klatte, Saskia
21. Decolonization: Spanish Territories, Marà­a Vernet, Paula
22. Developing Countries, Hirsch, Moshe
23. Diplomatic Protection, Dugard, John
24. Dismemberment of States, Tancredi, Antonello
25. Distress, Fasoli, Elena
26. Divided States, Suksi, Markku
27. Doctrines (Monroe, Hallstein, Brezhnev, Stimson), Grant, Thomas D
28. Election Monitoring, International, Binder, Christina and Pippan, Christian
29. Enclaves, Irmscher, Tobias H
30. Entente Cordiale, Stoelken-Fitschen, Ilona
31. Ethos, Ethics, and Morality in International Relations, Bernstorff, Jochen von and Venzke, Ingo
32. Extraterritoriality, Kamminga, Menno T
33. Final Act, Wood, Michael
34. Final Clauses, Rosenne, Shabtai
35. Foreign Relations Law, Giegerich, Thomas
36. Fourteen Points of Wilson (1918), Schwietzke, Joachim
37. Germany, Occupation after World War II, Kempen, Bernhard
38. Globalization, Mégret, Frédéric
39. Good Offices, Lapidoth, Ruth
40. Governments, Magiera, Siegfried
41. Governments in Exile, Tiroch, Katrin
42. Group of Eight (G8), Gatzschmann, Ina
43. Hazardous Substances, Transboundary Impacts, Daniel, Anne
44. Hazardous Wastes, Transboundary Impacts, Daniel, Anne
45. Heads of Governments and Other Senior Officials, Watts QC, Arthur and Foakes, Joanne
46. Heads of State, Watts QC, Arthur and Foakes, Joanne
47. Hegemony, Thürer, Daniel
48. International Administration of Territories, Benzing, Markus
49. International Public Order, Kokott, Juliane and Hoffmeister, Frank
50. Internationalization, Wolfrum, Rüdiger and Pichon, Jakob
51. Internet, Woltag, Johann-Christoph
52. Jay Treaty (1794), Ziegler, Katja S
53. Liability for Lawful Acts, Tanzi, Attila
54. Mediation, Orrego Vicuña, Francisco
55. Multiple Nationality, Spiro, Peter J
56. Nationality, Dürr, Oliver
57. Negotiation, Hakapaa, Kari
58. Neighbour States, Boisson de Chazournes, Laurence and Campanelli, Danio
59. Neutral Nationals, Bring, Ove
60. Neutrality, Concept and General Rules, Bothe, Michael
61. Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Bennouna, Mohamed
62. Non-Binding Agreements, Gautier, Philippe
63. Non-Recognition, Frowein, Jochen A
64. Oder-Neisse Line, Eitel, Tono
65. Option of Nationality, Ronen, Yaà«l
66. Overseas Territories, Australia, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Novak, Gregor
67. Peace, Proposals for the Preservation of, Skordas, Achilles
68. Peacebuilding, Marauhn, Thilo and Simon, Sven
69. Peaceful Coexistence, Panara, Carlo
70. Pledge of State Territory and Property, Irmscher, Tobias H
71. Procès-verbal, Wouters, Jan and Verhoeven, Sten
72. Propaganda, De Brabandere, Eric
73. Protectorates and Protected States, Trilsch, Mirja
74. Protest, Eick, Christophe
75. Railway Stations and Airports on Foreign Territory and Transborder Railway Traffic, Marchisio, Sergio
76. Reciprocity, Simma, Bruno
77. Recognition, Frowein, Jochen A
78. Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, Kleinheisterkamp, Jan
79. Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments, Michaels, Ralf
80. Recognition of Foreign Legislative and Administrative Acts, Ruffert, Matthias
81. Representatives of States in International Relations, Salmon, Jean
82. Restitution, Tanzi, Attila
83. Sanctions, Pellet, Alain and Miron, Alina
84. Satisfaction, Hoss, Cristina
85. Secession, Thürer, Daniel and Burri, Thomas
86. Security Strategies, Bailes, Alyson JK and Wetter, Anna
87. Servitudes, Marchisio, Sergio
88. Special Envoy, Payandeh, Mehrdad
89. State Bankruptcy, Kammerer, Jürn Axel
90. State Immunity, Stoll, Peter-Tobias
91. Superpowers and Great Powers, Kammerhofer, Jürg
92. Territorial Change, Effects of, Hernández, Gleider I
93. Territorial Integrity and Political Independence, Blay, Samuel KN
94. Territory, Acquisition, Kohen, Marcelo G and Hébié, Mamadou
95. Territory, Discovery, Kohen, Marcelo G and Hébié, Mamadou
96. Territory, Lease, Ronen, Yaà«l
97. Tibet, Davis, Michael C
98. Tourism, Vrancken, Patrick
99. Unilateral Acts of States in International Law, Rodrà­guez Cedeño, Và­ctor and Torres Cazorla, Maria Isabel
100. Unilateralism/Multilateralism, Nollkaemper, André
101. United Nations Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of States and Their Property (2004), Hafner, Gerhard
102. Use of Force, Prohibition of, Dürr, Oliver
103. Use of Force, Prohibition of Threat, Wood, Michael
104. Uti possidetis Doctrine, Nesi, Giuseppe
105. Venice Commission, Steinberger, Helmut
106. Westphalian System, Grote, Rainer
107. World Population, Hammer, Leonard



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