MPEPIL: Diplomacy and consular relations

MPEPIL: Diplomacy and consular relations


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Diplomacy and consular relations:

1. Archives, Fitschen, Thomas
2. Asylum, Diplomatic, Shah, Prakash
3. Avena and Other Mexican Nationals Case (Mexico v United States of America), Dupuy, Pierre-Marie and Hoss, Cristina
4. Commonwealth, Subjects and Nationality Rules, Fransman, Laurie
5. Consular Functions, Czubik, Pawe? and Szwedo, Piotr
6. Consular Jurisdiction, Czubik, Pawe? and Szwedo, Piotr
7. Consular Treaties , Angelet, Nicolas
8. Consuls, Kowalski, Michal
9. Continuous Nationality, Dugard, John
10. Credentials, Salmon, Jean
11. Démarche, Diplomatic, Salmon, Jean
12. Diplomacy, Jara Roncati, Eduardo
13. Diplomatic Communications, Forms of, Behrens, Paul
14. Diplomatic Courier and Bag, d’Aspremont, Jean
15. Diplomatic Protection, Dugard, John
16. Diplomatic Protocol, Wohlan, Martina
17. Dogger Bank Incident (1904), Irmscher, Tobias H
18. Emblems, Internationally Protected, Heintze, Hans-Joachim and Dijkzeul, Dennis
19. Final Act, Wood, Michael
20. Final Clauses, Rosenne, Shabtai
21. Good Offices, Lapidoth, Ruth
22. Governments, Magiera, Siegfried
23. Governments in Exile, Tiroch, Katrin
24. Haya de la Torre Cases, Hailbronner, Kay and Pohlmann, Monika
25. Heads of Diplomatic Missions, Angelet, Nicolas
26. Heads of Governments and Other Senior Officials, Watts QC, Arthur and Foakes, Joanne
27. Heads of State, Watts QC, Arthur and Foakes, Joanne
28. Honorary Consuls, Ernst, Andrea
29. LaGrand Case (Germany v United States of America), Dupuy, Pierre-Marie and Hoss, Cristina
30. Legal Advisers, Wood, Michael
31. Marriages Performed by Diplomatic and Consular Agents, Behrens, Paul
32. Members of the Staff of Diplomatic Missions, Salmon, Jean
33. Modus Vivendi, Burek, Wojciech
34. Multiple Nationality, Spiro, Peter J
35. Nationality, Dürr, Oliver
36. Negotiations, Secret, Davérède, Alberto L
37. New States and International Law, Anand, Ram P
38. Non-Recognition, Frowein, Jochen A
39. Option of Nationality, Ronen, Yaà«l
40. Passports, Hagedorn, Cornelia
41. Persona Non Grata, d’Aspremont, Jean
42. Premises of Diplomatic Missions, d’Aspremont, Jean
43. Procès-verbal, Wouters, Jan and Verhoeven, Sten
44. Protecting Power, Heintze, Hans-Joachim
45. Recognition, Frowein, Jochen A
46. Representatives of States in International Relations, Salmon, Jean
47. Salem Case, Liberti, Lahra
48. Special Envoy, Payandeh, Mehrdad
49. Special Representative, Keller, Helen
50. United States Diplomatic and Consular Staff in Tehran Case (United States of America v Iran), Buffard, Isabelle and Wittich, Stephan
51. United States Nationals in Morocco Case, Herbst, Jochen
52. Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (1963), Paulus, Andreas and Dienelt, Anne
53. Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961), Hestermeyer, Holger P
54. Vienna Convention on the Representation of States in their Relations with International Organizations of a Universal Character (1975), Hertig Randall, Maya



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