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Military Privatization

Literature Review on Military Management: Privatization

In the Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, [1] Lindy Heinecken offers the following summary about the topic of Military Management: Privatization: Much has been written on the economic, legal, and political impact of military privatization and the use of private military and security companies to augment the capacity of armed forces in the post-Cold War era. This entry does not attempt to address this, nor the debates around the cost-effectiveness, ethics, or political impact of the growth in private security. This entry focuses more narrowly on the drivers of military privatization and the consequences this holds for the military profession and institution who to date have held the monopoly over collective violence. Accordingly, the first section of the entry provides the context, followed by a discussion of why outsourcing of military tasks has occurred and how this has resulted in the restructuring of military work and employment. The second section highlights the implications that military privatization holds for the military profession, before drawing some conclusions in terms of the impact this has on the delivery of public security.


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