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Market Intelligence

Improving Competitiveness Through Organizational Market Intelligence: Market Intelligence, the Law and other Social Sciences

Market intelligence (MI) is a concept that results in real opportunities for knowledge management in organizations. MI is a cyclic process to deliver knowledge for strategic marketing decisions, considering typical organizations of a defined sector as its final users. As organizations must not react to external factors or phenomena, but also try to lead its sector proposing and executing innovative plans and differential strategic positioning, MI is a modern and cooperative approach which can produce consistent bases for such planning abilities. It is an organizational continuum to answer typical decision problems faced by firms when competing in actual business environments. this subject details MI concept, working from theoretical point of view and adds a practical approach on studying real cases of its potential applications. As MI is a multidisciplinary context, its conceptualization also provokes perspectives for research from other scientific fields, as Information Science, Systems and Management, Computing Science, Human resources management, Strategy, Marketing.[1]


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