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For information on Malaysian legal materials see An Overview of Malaysian Legal System and Research by Shaikh Mohamed Noordin and Lim Pui Keng. Selected resources follow. You might also want to see Researching Islamic Law: Malaysian Sources by Shaikh Mohamed Noordin and/or Introduction to the Sources of Law in Malaysia by Dr Sharifah Suhanah Syed Ahmad. Halsbury’s Laws of Malaysia(Lexis/Butterworths) provides a detailed summary of Malaysian law.

Free Legal Resources: Malaysian securities laws are posted by the Malaysian Securities Commission. For more resources, see the WorldLII and the other sources in the”Foreign Laws” entry.

Subscription Resources: Malaysia has two major legal information providers, both of which require annual subscriptions. PNBM-Lawnet is the electronic publishing arm of the Malaysian Government Printer; content includes the Constitution, the official Laws of Malaysia, the Malaysian Gazette, other legislative publications, regulations, court rules, court forms, General Orders and “Arahan Perbendaharaan.” CLJ law is a commercial publisher; content includes case law, legislation, treaties, journal articles.

The Legal History of Malaysia

This section provides an overview of Malaysia


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