List of Workers compensation online legal resources

List of Workers compensation online legal resources

1. Occupational Safety Health Council
Description “Established under the Occupational Safety Health Council Ordinance in 1988, the Council is a statutory body for promoting safety and health at work and sustaining the valuable workforce of Hong Kong.”—-from Hong Kong Occupational Safety Health Council web.

2. South Australian Industrial Relations Tribunals
Description The Official website of the South Australian Industrial Relations Court, South Australian Industrial Relations Commission and the South Australian Workers Compensation Tribunal.

3. WorkCover Corporation (Claims Managementࢀ” Contractual Arrangements) Regulations 1997.
Description: under the WorkCover Corporation Act 1994

4. WorkCover Corporation Act 1994
Description An Act to provide for the reconstitution of the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Corporation and its continuation under the name WorkCover Corporation of South Australia; to provide for its functions and powers; and for other purposes.

5. WorkCover WA
Description WorkCover WA is the statutory authority responsible for the administration of the workers’ compensation system in Western Australia.

6. WorkCover WA: Publications
Description Here you will find copies of WorkCover’s Publications for Workers, for Employers,for Health Providers, for Service Providers, for Dispute Resolution and for Injury Management.

7. Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation (Claims and Registration) Regulations 1999
Description under the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1986

8. Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1986
Description An Act to provide for the rehabilitation and compensation of workers in respect of disabilities arising from their employment; and for other purposes.

Description An Act to establish a workers’ compensation scheme for Queensland, and for other purposes.

10. Workplace Standards Tasmania
Description Workplace Standards is a division of the Department of Justice. Workplace Standards Tasmania is responsible for administering much of the legislation that regulates business in Tasmania. Occupational health and safety, workers compensation, long service

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