List of U.S. Federal Court Reports

List of U.S. Federal Court Reports , with Abbreviations

This list identifies some of the major reports of judicial U.S. (federal) decisions and their abbreviations. This list does not include courts that no longer exist and some specialized courts. It is divided by U. S. Court:

Supreme Court

Courts of Appeal

    • West’s Federal Reporter, 3d Series (1988-date) (F.3d)
    • Federal Appendix (F.A.)
    • Federal Reporter, 2d Series (1925-88) (F.2d)
    • Federal Reporter (1880-1924) (F.)

District Courts

  • West’s Federal Supplement, 2d Series (1988-date) (F. Supp. 2d)
  • Federal Supplement (1933-88) (F. Supp.)
  • Federal Rules Decisions (1941-date) (F.R.D.)

Other Courts

  • Bankruptcy Courts: West’s Bankruptcy Reporter (B.R.)
  • Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims: West’s Veterans Appeals Reporter (Vet. App.)
  • Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces: West’s Military Justice Reporter (M.J.)
  • Court of Claims: Federal Claims Reporter (Fed. Cl.)
  • Court of International Trade United States: Court of International Trade Reports (Ct. Int’l Trade)
  • Tax Court United States: Tax Court Reports (T.C.)

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