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List of sports and entertainment law relevant cases

United States

Central Manufacturing, Inc. v. Brett et al. (year 2007)
Bevelo v. Carter (year 2006)
Club Italia Soccer & Sports Organization, Inc. v. Charter Township of Shelby, Mich. (year 2006)
Doe v. MacFarlane (year 2006)
Fortson v. Colangelo (year 2006)
Harrick v. National Collegiate Athletic Association (year 2006)
Laws v. Sony Music Entertainment, Inc. (year 2006)
MasterCard International, Inc. v. Visa International Service Association (year 2006)
Moran v. Selig (year 2006)
Santa-Rosa v. Combo Records (year 2006) v. Librarian of Congress (year 2005)
In re Charter Communications, Inc. (year 2005)
Jani v. Bell (year 2005)
Palladium Music, Inc. v. Eat Sleep Music (year 2005)
Warnock v. National Football League (year 2005)

Bauer Nike Hockey, Inc. v. United States (year 2004)
Echols v. Pelullo (year 2004)
Stromback v. New Line Cinema (year 2004)
World Wide Basketball and Sports Tours, Inc. v. NCAA (year 2004)

Breanne Bennett v. Hidden Valley Golf and Ski, Inc. (year 2003)
Cardtoons, L.C. v. Major League Baseball Players Association (year 2003)
Dastar Corp. v. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. et al. (year 2003)
Fox Sports Net North, LLC. v. Minnesota Twins Partnership, et al. (year 2003)
Glenn Holly Entertainment Inc. (Digital Images) v. Tektronix Inc.; Avid Technology, Inc. (year 2003)
Tyne v. Time Warner Entertainment (year 2003)

Brandon West v. Sundown Little League of Stockton, Inc. (year 2002)
Campus Communications, Inc. v. Earnhardt (year 2002)
Chalenor, et al. v. University of North Dakota (year 2002)
Chaset v. Fleer/Skybox Int’l (year 2002)
Fantasy Sports Properties, Inc. v., Inc. et al. (year 2002)
Sports Unlimited, Inc. v. Lankford Enterprises, Inc. (year 2002)
Toscano v. PGA Tour, Inc. (year 2002)

A & M Records v. Napster (year 2001)
Gionfriddo v. Major League Baseball et al. (year 2001)
PGA Tour, Inc. v. Martin (year 2001)
Tanaka v. University of Southern California, et al. (year 2001)
United States Olympic Committee v. Toy Truck Lines, Inc. (year 2001)
Weinberg v. Sibler (year 2001)
Wildman ex rel. Wildman v. Marshalltown School Dist. (year 2001)

Landham v. Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. (year 2000)
Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida v. Florida State Athletic Commission (year 2000)
Morris Comm. Corp. v. PGA Tour, Inc. (year 2000)
Rodriguez v. Texas Commission on the Arts (year 2000)

  • United States of America v. Norby Walters (year 1993)
  • Hill v. Nat’l Collegiate Athletic Ass’n (year 1994)
  • Mark G. Weinberg & Blue Line Publ’g, Inc. v. Chicago Blackhawk Hockey Team, Inc. (year 1995)
  • National Basketball Association v. Williams (year 1995)
  • Scott Szabo v. Errisson, et al. (year 1995)
  • Stoutenborough v. National Football League (year 1995)
  • Athletic Alternatives, Inc. v. Prince Manufacturing, Inc. (year 1996)
  • Chicago Professional Sports Ltd. P’ship and WGN v. National Basketball Association (year 1996)
  • Greer v. Davis (year 1996)
  • National Football League Players Association v. Pro-Football, Inc., D/B/A Washington Redskins, et al. (year 1996)
  • United States v. Gray, et al. (year 1996)
  • NBA v. Motorola (year 1997)
  • Allison v. Vintage Sports Plaques (year 1998)
  • Bridewell v. Cincinnati Reds (year 1998)
  • Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. v. Capece (year 1998)
  • Lyons Partnership v. Giannoulas (year 1999)
  • NCAA v. Smith (year 1999)
  • Neal v. Board of Trustees of California State Universities (year 1999)
  • Newcombe v. Adolf Coors Co., et al (year 1999)
  • Owsley v. San Antonio Indep. Sch. Dist. (year 1999)
  • In re Turley (year 1999)
  • H.A. Artists & Assocs. v. Actos’ Equity Association (year 1981)
  • Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission v. National Football League (year 1981)
  • Mid-South Grizzlies v. National Football League (year 1982)
  • Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. v. Major League Baseball (year 1986)
  • Midler v. Ford Motor Co. (year 1988)
  • Peter E. Rose v. A. Bartlett Giamatti, et al. (year 1989)
  • Flood v. Kuhn (year 1972)
  • Gregg Taylor & George Taylor v. Wake Forest University (year 1972)
  • Ludtke v. Kuhn (year 1978)
  • Clifford Wiley v. National Collegiate Athletic Association (year 1979)
  • Molinas v. Nat’l Basketball Association (year 1961)

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