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List of Mafia Topics

List of Mafia Topics: A

Alibis and the Mafia
Gennaro J. Angiulo
Apache Indian job: Mob bombings
Argos Lectionary: Capone Gang “Bible”
“On the Arm”: Freebies, Mafia style

List of Mafia Topics: B

Bank manipulation by Mafia
Bankruptcy scams
Tobia Basile
Making your Bones: Supposed requirement for being made
Putting up a Book: Bring up a Mafia member up on mob charges
Boss etiquette: Survival code for wise guys with a new boss
Boss’s annual income: No limit for the man at the top
Bribery and the Mafia
Buckwheats: Painful murder methods
Bullet eaters: Hard-to-kill victims
Buriel grounds of the Mafia
Burning the G: New mob tax dodges
Business penetration by Mafia

List of Mafia Topics: C

Cashing: Countrtfeit scam for Mafia juniors
Casino junkets: Mob-sponsored gambling trips
Saca Catalano
Toto Catalano
Charity and the Mafia
Chauffeurs: Mafia road to success
Chicago amnesia: Mob intimidation of witnesses
Cigarette bootlegging
Claiming racket: Payoff for finding new recruits
Clean graft: Payoffs to politicians and police
Cocaine-Heroin shuttle scheme
Concrete scam: Huge Mafia construction racket
Cuban Mafia

List of Mafia Topics: D

Philip D’Andrea
Julius Richard Davies
Dead Man’s Tree
Death Corner
Paul Di Cristina
Joseph DiPalermo
Frank DiSimone
Duke’s Restaurant

List of Mafia Topics: E

Eighth of the Eighth: Crime spawning area
Charles Carmen English
Eyes in the Sky: Crooked gambling technique

List of Mafia Topics: F

“FBI Badfellas”: Worst alliance between feds and mobsters
Five Iron Men: Kansas City crime rulers
Friday and Saturday nights
Funerals of gangsters

List of Mafia Topics: G

Garment industry rackets
Diane Giacalone
Eugenio Giannini
Give-Up guys: Hijacking scam
Gotti Fan Club
Greed of crime bosses: Top of the mob shakedown artists
Greek Mafia

List of Mafia Topics: H

Hawthorne Inn
“Hitmobile”: Mob car for assassination missions
Horse killings and mobsters
Hotsy Totsy Club

Ice pick murders: Efficient execution methods
Independent criminals and the Mafia
Initiation rites of the Mafia
In-Your-Face: High honor for an esteemed murder victim
Italian rope trick: Murder method

List of Mafia Topics: J and K

Jukebox racket

“Kefauveritis”: Mystery “ailment”of mobsters under parole
Kidnapping of mafiosi

List of Mafia Topics: L

Labor leasing
Lanskyland: Florida Jewish community
Last Chance Tavern: Kansas City gambling den
La Tuna Federal Correctional Facility
Loan shark scams
Lockstep surveillance: Law enforcement harrassment
Loose mouth disease: Deadly ailment
Lovefellas: Mafiosi’s woes to cheeting affairs
Luciano-Costello crime family (See Genovese crime family)
Lumping: Construction racket for skimming federal dollars

List of Mafia Topics: M

Hugh “Apples”MacIntosh
Origin of Mafia
Mafia Coffin: Corpse disposal method
Mafia gun
“Mafia Manor”: Special prison accomodation for wise guys
Mafia social clubs
Stefano Magaddino (1891-1974)
Joseph Magliocco, [Giuseppe Magliocco] (d. 1963)
Malliocchia: Attempt to rattle witness
Vincent Mangano, (1888-1951)
Mangano crime family (see Gambino crime family)
Martin T. Manton
Salvatore Maranzano (1868-1931)
Carlos Marcello (1910-1993)
Marion Penitentiary: For the Mafia’s most dangerous
Joe Masseria, “Joe the Boss”(1879-1931)
Joe Massino, “Big Joey”
Charles Matranga
Hitting the Matresses: Gang war tactic
Mickey Mouse Mafia: California crime families
Midnight arrests of mobsters
Midnight Rose’s: Candy store “office”for Murder Inc.
John Mirabella
George “Bugs”Moran
Don Pellagrino Morano (See Camorra; Nicholas Morello)
Morelli Gang
Nicholas Morello
Peter “The Clutching Hand”Morello
Morello family
Willie Moretti (1894-1951)
Cesare Mori
Samuel J. Morton
Motorcade murders: Automobile procession assassinations
Movie racketeering
Murder, Incorporated
Murder of Dons
Murder Stable
Mussolini Shuttle
Mustache Petes

List of Mafia Topics: N

Narcotics racket
John Nardi
Neighbors of Mafiosi
Nepotism and the Mafia
Eliot Ness
New Orleans Mafia mass lynchings
Night of the Sicilian Vespers
Frank Nitti
No hands rule: Mob code of conduct
No narcotics rule: Alledged Mafia code
SS Normandie: Mafia wartime sabotage
Nose jobs: Punishment for wise guy addicts
No slander rule (See Gerlando Sciascia)
Nut: Backing for a Mob enterprise

List of Mafia Topics: O

Open hit: Free-for-all murder order
Open territories: Organized crime apportionment plan

Other Mafias: Supposed inheritors to the Mafia’s power
Vincenzo Ottumvo
Outlaw bikers and the Mafia

List of Mafia Topics: P

Palermo Connection: Mafia’s heroin pipeline
Parsley racket: Restaurant extortion
Pass: Forgiveness, Mafia style
Raymond L.S. Patriarca, “Junior”
Pension bandwagon for wise guys: Security for the insecure
Carmine Persico
Joseph Petrosino
Pigeon coop tip-off: Is a wise guy gone for good ?
Pillow Gang
Pineapple Primary
Little Augie Pisano
Pittsburgh crime family (see John Sebastian Larocca)
Pittsburgh Phil
Plants: Secret Mafia members
Political contributions and the Mafia
Pre-hits: Preludes to a major mob assassination
Ross Prio
Prison gangs and the Mafia
Joseph Profaci (1897-1962)
Profaci crime family (see Colombo crime family)
Mob style profiling
Anthony Provenzano
Public enemies: Organized crime mobsters
Purple Gang, Infamous Detroit mob
Purple Gang, modern
Pushcart rackets: Enduring scams for the mob

List of Mafia Topics: R

George Raft
James M. Ragen
Ragen’s Colts
Phillip Rastelli, “Rusty” (1918-1991)
The Rat Pack and the Mafia: Sinatra’s Hollywood followers
Reading, Pennsylvania: Mafia’s East Coast “Cicero”
Red dye murders Mafia extortion hoax
Tom Reina, [Gaetano Reina] (1889-1930)
Abe Reles
Respect in the Mafia
Restaurants and the Mafia
Paul Ricca, “The Waiter”(1897-1972)
Harry Riccobene
RICO: 1970 Rackateer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act
H. Paul Rico
“Take for a ride”: Underworld murder method
Victor Riesel
Johnny Roberts
Luigi Ronsisvalle
Room of death: Palermo torture and murder chamber
John Roselli
Arnold Rothstein
Rum Row: Bootleg fleet
Ernest Rupolo
Russian Mafia

List of Mafia Topics: S

St. Valentine’s Day
Anthony Salerno, “Fat Tony” (1911-1992)
Ralph Salerno
Sanctioned stoolie: Inter-crime family spy
John Saupp
Frank Scalise
Scarface: Gangster movie
Nicodemo Scarfo, “Little Nicky” (1929-)
John Scarne
Dutch Schultz
Arnold Schuster (see Frederick J. Tenuto)
Gerlando Sciascia
Anthony Scotto
Steven Seagal: Action film tough guy and Mafia victim
Seven Group
Sex and the Mafia
Jacob Shapiro
Shotgun Man
Fiore Siano
Sicilian flu: Imaginary and real mafioso ailments
Bugsy Siegel
Silver Street: Capone Mob vice area
Frank Sinatra
Michele Sindona
Skimming: “Tax-free”gambling profits
Slot machines
Len Small
Sneakers: Drug-dealing mafiosi
The Sopranos: Making the mob a smash hit on television
Spending habits of Mafiosi
Anthony Spilotro, [Anthony John Spilotro] “Tony the Ant”(1938-1986)
Jimmy Squillante
Joseph Stacher
Battles of the Standard Oil Building
Stand-Up guy: Mobster who won’t “talk”
State Street Crap Game
Walter Stevens
The Stockade: Torrio-Capone syndicate brothel
Stock “geniuses”: Financial wizards, Mafia style
Stock theft and manipulation
Street tax: Payment to mob to okay non-member criminal operarion
Suckers: Expendible wise guy wanna-bes
Surveillance tricks by mafiosi

List of Mafia Topics: T

Talent hunters: Spanning the globe for recruits
Joseph Tangorra
“Tap game”: Moves and countermoves in use of wiretaps

Frederick J. Tenuto
Trapman: Mob security specialist

Twenties Group

List of Mafia Topics: U and V

the Undertaker’s Friend: Underworld “Green Chair Curse”

Vietnamese Mafia
Vigilantism and the Mafia

List of Mafia Topics: W

Walk/Talk: Mob effort to avoid evesdropping
War of the Jews
Waterfront rackets
Earl Weiss
West Suburban Citizens’ Association (see Vigilantism and the Mafia)
Whack: Term for murder
Grover A. Whalen
White Hand Gang
White Hand Society
White Spot: Mafioso operating in black areas
Edward Bennett Williams
Frank J. Wilson
Walter Winchell
Wise guys and connected guys
Mafiosi’s attitude towards Women
Women as Mafia victims: Mob gallantry myth
“The Wop with the Mop”: Alcatraz disparagement of Al Capone

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2 thoughts on “List of Mafia Topics”

  1. It began as a society that avenged wrongs against Sicilian peasants by means of terror and vendetta. In 19th-century Sicily the Mafia was employed by absentee landlords to manage their latifundia (landed estates), and through intimidation it soon became the unofficial ruling group. At least is what we know. Despite the expropriation and division of the latifundia after World War II, the Mafia remains powerful in Sicily. The Italian government has waged periodic campaigns of suppression, notably 1927, when the Fascist leader Mussolini appointed Cesare Mori as prefect of Palermo. Mori’s methods were, however, as suspect as those of the people he was arresting, and he was fired 1929. A further campaign was waged 1963–64 in Italy. The Calabrian mafia (known as the ‘Ndrangeta) and the Camorra allegedly worked together in attempting to assassinate lawyers investigating the Mafia 1993–94. It was calculated 1992 that the Mafia was Italy’s biggest business, earning one out of every eight lire and accounting for 12% of national product.

  2. The Mafia grew during Prohibition in the USA. Main centres are New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlantic City, and Chicago. Organization is in ‘families’, each with its own boss, or capo. A code of loyalty and secrecy, combined with intimidation of witnesses, makes it difficult to bring criminal charges against its members. However, Al Capone was sentenced for federal tax evasion and Lucky Luciano was deported. Recent cases of the US government versus the Mafia implicated Sicilian-based operators in the drug traffic that plagues much of the Western world (the ‘pizza connection’). In 1992 John Gotti, reputedly head of the Gambino ‘family’ of the Mafia, was convicted.

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