List of Law Practice Online Journals

List of Law Practice Online Journals

List of Jornal Titles and their ISSN:

ABA child law practice 2161-0649
ABA juvenile & child welfare law reporter 0887-896X
Canadian journal of Administrative law & practice 0835-6742
Child Law Practice Newsletter
China law and practice 1012-6724
Cumulative Digest of United States Practice in International Law, 1981-1988
Developments in Administrative law and regulatory practice 1543-1991
Digest of United States practice in international law 0095-3369
e.Law Practice 1445-2405
Environmental law & practice 1070-0757
Family law and practice 1353-3614
Federal sentencing law and practice 1092-5570
Illinois practice of family law 1089-4330
The international journal of electronic commerce law & practice 1468-9685
The International journal of regulatory law & practice 0968-087X
Journal of banking and finance law and practice 1034-3040
Journal of bankruptcy law and practice 1059-048X
Journal of environmental law and practice 1181-7534
Journal of European Competition Law & Practice 2041-7764
Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice 1747-1532

Journal of international law and practice 1085-4940
Journal of Islamic state practices in international law 1742-4941
Labor law and Practice in Iceland
Labor law and Practice in Pakistan
Labor Law and Practice in Peru
Labor Law and Practice in the Empire of Ethiopia
The Law and practice of international courts and tribunals 1569-1853
Law Grammar; or, an Introduction to the Theory and Practice of English Jurisprudence
Law & inequality 0737-089X
Law practice 1547-9102
Law practice management 1045-9081
Law Recorder, containing Reports of Select Cases and Decisions, Chiefly on Points of Practice, in the Courts of Equity and Common law in Ireland
Laws and regulations relating to the practice of physician assistants
Learning disabilities research and practice 0938-8982
Michigan journal of gender & law 1095-8835
Michigan State journal of international law 1556-6374
Ohio employment practices law 1538-6392
Quality assurance 1052-9411
Scottish planning & environmental law 0144-8196
Tort & insurance law journal 0885-856X
Tort trial & insurance practice law journal 1543-3234
Trade practices law journal 1039-3277
Vanderbilt journal of entertainment law & practice 1942-6798
Vanderbilt journal of entertainment law & practice 1536-3872



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