List of Labor and Employment Law Online Journals

List of Labor, Industrial Relations and Employment Law Online Journals

List of Journal titles and their ISSN:

Administrative science quarterly 0001-8392
Advances in industrial and labor relations 0742-6186
AFGE government standard 1041-5335
Alabama employment law letter 1049-9369
Alaska employment law letter 1085-9144
Arizona employment law letter 1075-9611
Arkansas employment law letter 1083-9674
Australian bulletin of labour 0311-6336
Australian journal of management 0312-8962
Australian mining & petroleum law journal 1328-6803
Berkeley business law journal 1548-7067
Canadian Employment Law Today 0843-090X
Colorado employment law letter 1059-504X
Comparative Labor law journal 1043-5255
Comparative Labor law & policy journal 1095-6654
Compensation and benefits review 0886-3687
Compensation & benefits management 0748-061X
Compensation & benefits manager’s report 1062-0796
Compensation & benefits report 0738-1034
Connecticut employment law letter 1064-4903
Corporate legal times 1063-3006
Decisions and orders of the National Labor Relations Board 0083-2227
Delaware employment law letter 1085-9152
EAP Association exchange 1085-0856
Education and the law 0953-9964
Employee benefit adviser 1545-3839
Employee benefits 1366-8722
Employee relations law journal 0098-8898
Employee rights and employment policy journal 1522-2225
Employee rights quarterly 1532-1304
Employers’ law 1364-9493
Employment relations today 0745-7790
ERISA Litigation Reporter 1055-5307
Expert evidence 0965-3643
Fair Employment Practices Guidelines 1069-921X
Florida employment law letter 1041-3537
Focus on Canadian employment and equality rights 0831-4535
Georgia employment law letter 1040-4813
Getting results- for the hands-on manager 1088-4343
Government executive 0017-2626
Government Union Review and Public Policy Digest 0270-2487
HRMagazine 1047-3149
Human resource management journal 0954-5395
Human resource management review 1053-4822
Idaho employment law letter 1086-0509
Illinois employment law letter 1049-9385
ILR report 0736-6396
Industrial & Labor Relations Review 0019-7939
Industrial Law journal 0305-9332
Industrial relations journal 0019-8692
The International journal of comparative labour law and industrial relations 0952-617X
International journal of human resource management 0958-5192
International journal of manpower 0143-7720
International labour review 0020-7780
International Organizations Law Review 1572-3739
International social security review 0020-871X
International trade law And Regulation 1357-3136
IOMA’s report on managing benefits plans 1098-5662
Iowa employment law letter 1075-962X
The John Marshall journal of computer & information law
Journal of employee assistance 1544-0893
Journal of employment discrimination law 1528-1337
The Journal of equipment lease financing 0740-008X
Journal of individual employment rights 1055-7512
Journal of industrial technology 0882-6404
Journal of labor economics 0734-306X
Journal of labor research 0195-3613
Journal of occupational accidents 0376-6349
Journal of occupational rehabilitation 1053-0487
Journal of Pension Benefits 1069-4064
Journal of Pension Planning and Compliance 0148-2181
Journal of Pensions Management 1462-222X
Kansas employment law letter 1074-0422
Kentucky employment law letter 1052-4371
Kiplinger’s Retirement Report 1075-6671
Labor Law Journal 0023-6586
The Labor Lawyer 8756-2995
Labor notes 0275-4452
Labor relations bulletin 1080-3211
Labor today 0023-6640
Labour 1121-7081
Labour capital and society 0706-1706
Maine employment law letter 1083-9682
Maryland employment law letter 1049-9377
Michigan employment law letter 1046-9109
Minnesota employment law letter 1054-6367
Mississippi employment law letter 1074-0430
Missouri employment law letter 1054-6375
Montana employment law letter 1085-9136
National Black law journal 0896-0194
Nebraska employment law letter 1085-3332
Nevada employment law letter 1083-9704
New Jersey employment law letter 1064-2390
New Mexico employment law letter 1079-6363
New York employment law letter 1072-9178
New Zealand journal of employment relations 1176-4716
New Zealand journal of industrial relations 0110-0637
North Carolina employment law letter 1054-6359
North Dakota employment law letter 1086-2641
Occupational health & safety 0362-4064
Occupational Outlook Handbook 0082-9072
Ohio employment law letter 1046-9206
Optimize 1537-2308
Oregon employment law letter 1077-2081
Pacific employment law letter 1089-0297
Payroll Practitioner’s Monthly 1047-6571
Payroll practitioner’s state tax alert 1529-2290
Pennsylvania employment law letter 1052-4363
Pension benefits 1063-2476
Pension management 1078-9766
Personnel journal 0031-5745
Personnel management 0031-5761
Registered Rep 1539-7149
Relations Industrielles 0034-379X
Revista internacional del trabajo 0378-5548
Risk analysis 0272-4332
Source OECD taxing wages statistics 1608-1102
South Carolina employment law letter 1064-461X
South Dakota employment law letter 1086-2617
The state of California labor 1541-9037
Super review 1324-5295
Tennessee employment law letter 1531-6580
The Tennessee employment law update 0886-8557
Texas employment law letter 1046-9214
Truck & driver 0966-3533
University of Pennsylvania journal of labor and employment law 1097-4938
Utah employment law letter 1083-1053
Utilities law review 0960-2356
Vermont employment law letter 1086-7597
Virginia employment law letter 1042-461X
Wage – Hour Compliance Report 1087-8904
Washington employment law letter 1072-0588
West Virginia employment law letter 1083-0049
Wisconsin employment law letter 1059-5066
Women & Work 0196-8394
Work and occupations 0730-8884
Work & family life 1040-0958
Workers’ comp managed care 1066-2669
Workers’ compensation law review 1050-9836
Worksite 1329-9263

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