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List of International periodicals

  • Ann Dig — Annual Digest and Reports of Public International Law Cases


  • Can TS — Canadian Treaty Series


  • Comm Mkt LR — Common Market Law Reports


  • Common Mkt Rep — Common Market Reporter (CCH)


  • EHRR — European Human Rights Reports (decisions of the ECHR)


  • ETS — European Treaty Series


  • Eur Consult Ass Deb — European Consultative Assembly Debates


  • Europ TS — European Treaty Series


  • Gr Brit TS — Great Britain Ttreaty Series



  • Hague Ct Rep 2d (Scott) — Hague Court Reports , Second Series


  • ICJ — Report of Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders (ICJ)


  • ICJ Pleadings — Pleadings, Oral Arguments and Documents (ICJ)



  • ILM — International Legal Materials


  • ILR — International Law Reports


  • JO Comm Eur — Journal Officiel des Communautes europeenes




  • Martens Nouveau Recueil — Nouveau recueil general des traites


  • NZTS — New Zealand Treaty Series


  • OJ Eur Comm — Official Journal of the European Community


  • Pan-Am TS — Pan-American Treaty Series


  • Parry’s TS — Parry’s Consolidated Treaty Series


  • RInt’l Arb Awards — United Nations Reports of International Arbitral Awards


  • SCiB — Supreme Court International Bulletin


  • Trib Arb Mixtes — Tribunaux Arbitraux Mixtes


  • UNCIO Docs — United Nations Conference on International Organization Documents


  • UNESCOR — United Nations Economic and Social Council official records


  • UNGAOR — United Nations General Assembly official records


  • UNSCOR — United Nations Security Council official records


  • UNTS — United Nations Treaty Series


  • UNYB — United Nations Year Book




  • Y Bon Human Rights — Year Book on Human Rights


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