List of Insurance Law e-Journals

List of Insurance Law e-Journals

List of Journal titles with ISSN

Accountancy age 0001-4672
The American Bankruptcy Institute law review 1068-0861
The American bankruptcy law journal 0027-9048
Asper review of international business and Trade law 1496-9572
Australian banker 0814-2912
Bankers Monthly 0005-5476
The Banking law journal 0005-5506
Banking law review 0898-7998
Best’s insurance news 0275-0988
Buffalo law review 0023-9356
Canadian Banker 0822-6830
Canadian insurance law reporter 0588-6562
Canadian underwriter 0008-5251
Certified accountant 0306-2406
Community banker 1529-1332
Connecticut insurance law journal 1081-9436
Corporate legal times 1063-3006
Credit management 0265-2099
Credit union executive 0011-1058
Credit union executive journal 1098-0113
Credit Union Management 0273-9267
Credit union newswatch 0889-5597
Credit union times 1058-7764
Defense counsel journal 0895-0016
Denver University law review 0883-9409
East european insurance report 0965-9676
European financial management 1354-7798
European journal of finance 1351-847X
Federal reserve bulletin 0014-9209
Federation of Insurance & Corporate Counsel quarterly 0887-0942
FICC quarterly 1542-1651
Financial Regulation Report 0192-088X
Financial Times world accounting report 0308-4965
Fund marketing alert 1529-2363
Fund raising management 0016-268X
Health care financing review 0195-8631
Health Insurance Law Weekly 1551-5370
Health insurance week 1552-5384
Healthcare Finance, Tax & Law Weekly 1551-5516
Independent Banker 0019-3674
Insurance accounting 1525-4720
Insurance advocate 0020-4587
Insurance conference planner 0193-0516
Insurance counsel journal 0020-465X
Insurance networking news 1542-4901
International financial law review 0262-6969
International Insurance Law Review 0968-2090
International review of financial analysis 1057-5219
International trade finance 1365-3512
The IRE journal 0164-7016
Islamic law and society 0928-9380
Journal of corporate finance 0929-1199
Journal of health politics, policy and law 0361-6878
Journal of insurance coverage 1096-8342
Journal of international banking regulation 1465-4830
Journal of property valuation & investment 0960-2712
Journal of the American Association of University Teachers of Insurance 1535-4016
Journal of the Institute of Actuaries 0020-2681
Journal of the National Association of Referees in Bankruptcy 0197-2650
Kiplinger’s mutual funds 1081-8901
Life Insurance International 0956-327X
New doctor 0313-2153
Pension plan administrator 1076-030X
Pensions : An International Journal 1478-5315
Pensions management 0269-7505
Private Banker International 0953-7031
Problem asset reporter 1071-4960
Public money 0261-1252
Quarterly journal – United States. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency 0738-2146
Rehab continuum report 1094-558X
Reinsurance 0048-7171
Review of Finance 1572-3097
Revue de droit des affaires internationales 0295-5830
Risk 1073-8673
Savings & community banker 1067-1757
Small Business Banker 1535-1041
Society of Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters. CPCU Journal 0162-2706
Techdecisions for insurance 1542-8923
Technology, law and insurance 1359-9372
Teller vision 0895-1039
Texas Banking 0885-6907
Tort & insurance law journal 0885-856X
Tort trial & insurance practice law journal 1543-3234
University of North Carolina School of Law Banking Institute 1096-7249
Villanova journal of law and investment management 1523-5513
World banking abstracts 0265-9484



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