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List of Indian Reports

  • AIR — All India Reporter



  • FLJ — Federal Law Journal


  • IA — Law Reports, Privy Council, Indian Appeals


  • IApp — Law Reports, Privy Council, Indian Appeals (1836-1872)


  • India CenActs — Central Acts


  • India Code CivProc — Code of Civil Procedure


  • India Code Crim Proc — Code of Criminal Procedure


  • India Gen R & O — General Rules and orders


  • India Pen Code — Indian Penal Code


  • India Subs Leg — Subsidiary Legislation


  • Indian App — Law Reports, Privy Council, Indian Appeals (1873-1875)


  • Indian Cas — Indian Cases (1909-1947)


  • Indian DEc — Indian Decisions


  • Indian LR — Indian Law Reports


  • SCJ — Supreme Court Journal



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