List of Canadian Reports

List of Canadian Reports

Alta CA — Alberta Court of Appeal

Alta Cham — Alberta Chambers

Alta DC — Alberta District Court

Alta MC — Alberta Magistrates Court

Alta PC — Alberta Provincial Court

Alta QB — Alberta Queen’s Bench

Alta SC — Alberta Supreme Court

Alta SC App Div — Alberta Supreme Court Appellate Division

Alta Gaz — Alberta Gazette

Alta Stat — Alberta Statutes

BCCA — British Columbia Court of Appeal

BCCC — British Columbia County Court

BC Gaz — British Columbia Gazette

BCMC — British Columbia Magistrates Court

BCPC — British Columbia Provincial Court

BCSC — British Columbia Supreme Court

BC Stat — British Columbia Statutes

CELR (NS) — Canadian Environmental Law Reports (New Series)

Ex — Exchequer Court of Canada

FCA — Federal Court of Appeal

FCTD — Federal Court Trial Division

Imm App Brd — Immigration Appeal Board

LCQB — Lower Canada Queen’s Bench

LCSC — Lower Canada Superior Court

Man CA — Manitoba Court of Appeal

Man CC — Manitoba County Court

Man Cham — Manitoba Chambers

Man DC — Manitoba District Court

Man Gaz — Manitoba Gazette

Man KB — Manitoba King’s Bench

Man MC — Manitoba Magistrates Court

Man PJC — Manitoba Provincial Judges Court

Man PJC FamDiv — Manitoba Provincial Judges Court, Family Division

Man QB — Manitoba Queen’s Bench

Man QB App Div — Manitoba Queen’s Bench, Appeal Division

Man Stat — Manitoba Statutes

NBCA — New Brunswick Court of Appeal

NBCC — New Brunswick County Court

NBMC — New Brunswick Magistrates Court

NBPC — New Brunswick Provincial Court

NBQB — New Brunswick Queen’s Bench

NBSC — New Brunswick Supreme Court

NBSC App Div — New Brunswick Supreme Court, Appeal Division

NSCC — Nova Scotia County Court

NSMC — Nova Scotia Magistrates Court

NSPC — Nova Scotia Provincial Court

NSSC — Nova Scotia Supreme Court, Trial Division

NSSC App Div — Nova Scotia Supreme Court, Appeal Division

NWTCA — Northwest Territories Court of Appeal

NWTSC — Northwest Territories Supreme Court

NWTTC — Northwest Territories Territorial Court

Ont CA — Ontario Court of Appeal

Ont CC — Ontario County Court

Ont CP — Ontario Common Pleas

Ont Ch — Ontario Chancery

Ont Cham — Ontario Chambers

Ont DC — Ontario District Court

Ont Div C — Ontario Divisional Court

Ont HC — Ontario High Court

Ont MC — Ontario Magistrates Court

Ont PC — Ontario Provincial Court (Criminal Division)

Ont Pol C — Ontario Police Court

Ont QB — Ontario Queen’s Bench

Ont SC — Ontario Supreme Court

Ont SC App Div — Ontario Supreme Court, Appellate Division

PC — Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

QCA — Quebec Court of Appeal

Q Cir C — Quebec Circuit Court

QDC — Quebec District Court

QKB — Quebec King’s Bench

Q Pol C — Quebec Police Court

QQB — Quebec Queen’s Bench

QSC — Quebec Superior Court

QSP — Quebec Sessions of the Peace

SCC — Supreme Court of Canada

Sask CA — Saskatchewan Court of Appeal

Sask DC — Saskatchewan District Court

Sask KB — Saskatchewan King’s Bench

Sask MC — Saskatchewan Magistrates Court

Sask PC — Saskatchewan Provincial Court

Sask Pol C — Saskatchewan Police Court

Sask QB — Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench

Sask SC — Saskatchewan Supreme Court

TRB — Tax Review Board

UCCP — Upper Canada Court of Common Pleas

UCCh — Upper Canada Court of Chancery

UC Ex Council — Upper Canada Executive Council

UCKB — Upper Canada King’s Bench

UCQB — Upper Canada Queen’s Bench

YTCA — Yukon Territory Court of Appeal

YTMC — Yukon Territory Magistrates Court

YT Pol MC — Yukon Territory Police Magistrates Court

YTTC — Yukon Territory Territorial Court


? Law Reports & Statutes (Codes) ?

AC — Appeal Cases (England)

APR — Atlantic Provinces Reports

Alta — Alberta Law Reports (1907-1932)

Alta 2d — Alberta Law Reports (1977-)

Alta LR — Alberta Law Reports

Alta Rev Stat — Alberta Revised Statutes

AR — Alberta Reports

Atl Prov — Atlantic Povinces Reports

BC — British Columbia Reports

BCLR — British Columbia Law Reports

BCR — British Columbia Reports

BC Rev Stat — British Columbia Revised Statutes

Can Exch — Canada Law Reports, Exchequer (Canada Exchequer Court Reports )

Can Gaz — Canada Gazette (regulations)

Can Rev Stat — Revised Statutes of Canada

Can Stat — Statutes of Canada

Can Stat O & Regs — Statutory orders and Regulations

Can Tax App Bd — Canada Tax Appeal Board Cases

CCC — Canadian Criminal Cases

CCL — Canadian Current Law

C Jur — Canada Jurist

CKB(OS) — Canada King’s Bench Reports (Old Series)

CLJ — Canada Law Journal (New Series)

CLLC — Canadian Labour Law Cases

CLQ — Criminal Law Quarterly

CNLB — Canadian Native Law Bulletin

CQB — Canada Queen’s Bench Reports

CQB(OS) — Canada Queen’s Bench Reports (Old Series)

CR — Criminal Reports

CRNS — Criminal Reports (New Series)

CSP — Cour des Sessions de la Paix (Quebec)

CTC — Canada Tax Cases

Cart BNA — Cartwright’s Cases on the British North America Act,1867

DLR — Dominion Law Reports

D Tax — Dominion Tax Cases

DTC — Dominion Tax Cases

E & A — Error and Appeal Reports (Grant) (Ont)

ELR — Eastern Law Reporter

ExCR — Exchequer Court Reports (Can)

FC — Canada Federal Court Reports

LCJur — Lower Canada Jurist

LCLJ — Lower Canada Law Journal

LCR — Lower Canada Reports

LJPC — Law Journal Reports, Privy Council Cases

LN — Legal News (Que)

LT — Law Times Reports

MLR(QB) — Montreal Law Reports, Queen’s Bench

MLR(SC) — Montreal Law Reports, Superior Court

MPR — Maritime Provinces Reports

Man R — Manitoba Reports (Vols 1-6 entitled Manitoba Law Reports)

Man Rtemp Wood — Manitoba Reports temp Wood, edited by Armour

Man Rev Stat — Manitoba Revised Statutes

Mar Prov — Maritime Provinces Reports

NB — New Brunswick Reports

NBR — New Brunswick Reports

NB Rev Stat — New Brunswick Revised Statutes

NB Stat — New Brunswick Statutes

Nfld — Newfoundland Supreme Court Decisions

Nfld PEI — Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island Reports

Nfld LR — Newfoundland Law Reports

Nfld Rev Stat — Newfoundland Revised Statutes

Nfld Stat — Newfoundland Statutes

NR — National Reporter

NSR — Nova Scotia Reports

NS Rev Stat — Nova Scotia Revised Statutes

NS Stat — Nova Scotia Statutes

NWTLR — North West Territories Law Reports

NWTR — North West Territories Reports

NWT Rev Ord — Northwest Territories Revised Ordinances

NWT Ord — Northwest Territories Ordinances

OAR — Ontario Appeal Reports

OLR — Ontario Law Reports

Ont 2d — Ontario Reports (1931-) {* Ont(1882-1900)}

Ont LR — Ontario Law Reports

Ont Rev Regs — Ontario Revised Regulations

Ont Rev Stat — Ontario Revised Statutes

Ont R & WN — Ontario Reports and Ontario Weekly Notes

Ont Regs — Ontario Regulations

Ont Stat — Ontario Statutes

Ont WN — Ontario Weekly Notes

OR — Ontario Reports

OWN — Ontario Weekly Notes

OWR — Ontario Weekly Reporter

PEI — Prince Edward Island Reports (1850-1882)

PEI Rev Stat — Prince Edward Island Revised Statutes

PEI Stat — Prince Edward Island Statutes

PR — Practice Reports (Ont Can)

Prov Can Stat — Statutes of the Province of Canada

QLR — Quebec Law Reports

Que CA — Quebec Official Reports, Court of Appeal (Recueils de Jurisprudence, Cour d’Appel)

Que CBR — Rapports Judiciaires Officiels, Cour du Banc du Roi [de la Reine], Cour d’Appel (Quebec)

Que CS — Rapports Judiciaires Officiels, Cour Superieure (Quebec)

Que KB — Quebec Official Reports (King’s Bench)

Que PR — Quebec Practise Reports

Que QB — Quebec Official Reports (Queen’s Bench)

Que Rev Stat — Quebec Revised Statutes

Que SC — (Superior Court)

Que Stat — Quebec Statutes

Rde Jur — Revue de Jurisprudence

RFL — Reports of Family Law

RJRQ — Rapports Judicaires Revises de la Province de Quebec (Quebec Revised Reports)

RL — Revue Legale

RLNS — Revue Legale, New Series

RLOS — La Revue Legale, Old Series

Sask — Saskatchewan Law Reports (1907-1931)

Sask Gaz — Saskatchewan Gazette

Sask LR — Saskatchewan Law Reports

Sask R — Saskatchewan Law Reports

Sask Rev Stat — Saskatchewan Revised Statutes

Sask Stat — Saskatchewan Statutes

SCR — Supreme Court Reports

TLR — Times Law Reports

Taylor — Taylor’s Upper Canada King’s Bench Reports

Terr LR — Territories Law Reports, Northwest Territories

UCCP — Upper Canada Common Pleas Reports

UCCR — Upper Canada Chancery Reports (Grant)

UCLJ — Upper Canada Law Journal

WLR — Western Law Reporter

WT — Western Law Times

WWD — Western Weekly Digest

WWR — Western Weekly Reports

Yuk Ord — Yukon Territory Ordinances

Yuk Rev Ord — Yukon Territory Revised Ordinances



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