List of business law topics

List of business law topics

Branches of business law

Companies law
Corporate law
Competition law (antitrust)
Consumer protection
Contract law
Intellectual property law
Copyright law
Patent law
Trademark law
International trade law
Labour law

Closely related areas of law

Legal aspects of computing
Property law
Tax law

Other business law topics:

1 History of business law
2 Incorporation

2.1 Corporate personality
2.2 Piercing the veil

3 Corporate constitution

3.1 Corporate charter
3.2 Director power and accountability
3.3 Shareholder rights and duties

4 Directors’ duties

4.1 Duty of care
4.2 Self-dealing
4.3 Corporate opportunities

5 Mergers and acquisitions
6 Derivative suits

In the United States:

List of States’ corporate laws in their websites:



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