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List of Australian Reports

AAR — Administrative Appeals Reports

AATR — Administrative Appeals Tribunal Reports

ABC — Australian Bankruptcy Cases

ABCE — ABC of Evidence

ABR — Australian Bar Review

ACL — Australian Current Law

ACLC — Australian Company Law Cases

ACLCD — Australian Current Law on CD-ROM

ACL F & P — Australian Corporation Law – Forms and Precedents

ACLL — Australian Corporation Law – Legislation

ACLPP — Australian Corporation Law – Principles and Practice

ACLR — Australian Company Law Reports

ACP — Australian Corporation Practice

ACrimR — Australian Criminal Reports

ACSR — Australian Corporations and Securities Reports

ACTD — Australian Criminal Trial Directions

ACTR — Australian Capital Territory Reports (in ALR)

ACV — Accident Compensation Victoria

AEFP — Australian Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents

AEFPD — Australian Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents – Desk Edition

AEFPD(EP) — Australian Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents – Desk Edition on Disk

AF — Federal Statutes Annotations

AILR — Australian Industrial Law Review

AIPC — Australian Intellectual Property Cases

AITD — Australasian Income Tax Decisions

AITR — Australian Income Tax Reports

AJC — The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology

AJCL — Australian Journal of Corporate Law

AJFL — Australian Journal of Family Law

AJLL — Australian Journal of Labour Law

AJR — Australian Jurist Reports

AL — Administrative law Service

ALD — Administrative law Decisions

ALJR — Australian Law Journal Reports

ALN — Administrative Law Notes (in ALD)

ALR — Australian Law Reports

ALR — Australian Argus Law Reports

ALT — Australian Law Times

AN — New South Wales Statutes Annotations

ANZITR — Australian and New Zealand Income Tax Reports

APA — Australian Planning Appeals Decisions

APLJ — Australian Property Law Journal

AQ — Queensland Legislation Case Annotations

AR (NSW)— Industrial Arbitration Reports (NSW)

ArgusLR — Argus Law Reports

ASC — Consumer Sales & Credit Law Cases

ASC — Australian Corporations Law – ASC Releases

ASSC — Australian Social Security Cases

ATC — Australian Tax Cases

ATD — Australian Tax Decisions

ATPR — Australian Trade Practices Reports

ATR — Australasian Tax Reports

Aust Torts Reports — Australian Torts Reports

Austl Acts — Acts of the Parliaments of the Commonwealth of Australia

Austl Acts P — Acts of the Australian Parliament

Austl AD — Australian Annual Digest

Austl Argus LR — Australian Argus Law Reports

Austl CActs — Commonwealth Acts

Austl Cap Terr Laws — Laws of the Australian Capital Territory

Austl Cap Terr Ord — Ordinances of the Australian Capital Territory

Austl Cap Terr Subs Leg — Subsidiary Legislation of the Australian Capital Territory

Austl D — Australian Digest

Austl D 2d — Australian Digest Second Edition

Austl Jur R — Australian Jurist Reports

Austl LMD — Australia Legal Monthly Digest

Austl LR — Australia Law Reports

Austl Stat R — Official Commonwealth Statutory Rules

Austl Stat R Consol — Statutory Rules, Consolidation

AV — Victorian Statutes Annotations

AWP — Australian Legal Words and Phrases

BALD — Butterworths Australian Legal dictionary

BC (NSW) — New South Wales Bankruptcy Cases

BC — Building Contracts Australia

BCALD — Butterworths Concise Australian Legal dictionary

BCLB — Australian Corporation Law – Bulletin

BRA — Building Regulation Australia

BRLCD — Butterworths Research Library on CD-ROM

CAA— Commonwealth Arbitration Awards and Determinations

CAR — Comonwealth Arbitration Reports

CCL — Australian Consumer Credit Law

CCLJ — Competition & Consumer Law Journal

CDRJ — Commercial Dispute Resolution Journal

CE — Cross on Evidence – Australian Evidence

CFN — Court Forms, Precedents & Pleadings – NSW

CFQ — Court Forms, Precedents & Pleadings – Queensland

CFV — Court Forms, Precedents & Pleadings – Victoria

CIT — Australian and New Zealand Citator to UK Reports

CLC — Australian Company Law Cases

CLF — Federal Criminal Law

CLN — Criminal Law News

CLP — Communications Law and Policy in Australia

CLQ — Carter’s Criminal Law Queensland

CLR — Commonwealth Law Reports

CLSA — Criminal Law South Australia

CLV — Bourke’s Criminal Law Victoria

CLWA — Criminal Law Western Australia

CN — Legal Costs – New South Wales

COMLN — Compulaw Newsletter

CONBPR — Conveyancing – Butterworths Property Reports

CONN — Conveyancing Service NSW

CORPCD — Corporation law on CD-Rom

CPACT — Civil Procedure ACT

CPPN — Criminal Practice & Procedure NSW

CPSA — Civil Procedure South Australia

CPSAR — Commonwealth Public Servant Arbitration Reports

CPV — Civil Procedure Victoria

CPWA — Civil Procedure Western Australia

CSA — Legal Costs South Australia

CTBR — Commonwealth of Australia Decisions of the Boards of Review

CTBR (NS) — Commonwealth Taxation Board of Review Decisions (New Series)

CV — Legal Costs – Victoria

DCN — District Court Procedure NSW

DCR (NSW) — District Court Reports (NSW)

DCQ — District Courts Practice Queensland

DEF — Australian Defamation Law and Practice

DL — Direct Link/NSW Courts Review

EOC — Australian & New Zealand Equal Opportunity Cases

ERV — Employment Relations Law Victoria

Fam LR — Family Law Reports

FAM LR — Family Law Reports

FCL — Australian Family Court Legislation

FCR — Federal Court reporter

FCR — Federal Court Reports

FIL — Federal Industrial Legislation

FIS — Australian Financial Institutions Scheme

FL — Australian Family Law

FLC — Australian Family Law Cases

FLR — Federal Law Reports

FLSL — Australian Family Law State Legislation

FLW(EP) — Fax Law Weekly

FORD — Ford’s Principles of Corporations Law

HCFCP — Practice and Procedure – High Court and Federal Court of Australia

HLA — Halsbury’s Laws of Australia

HLACD — Halsbury’s Laws of Australia on CD-ROM

ILF — Industrial Law Federal

ILJ — Insurance Law Journal

IMM — Australian Immigration Law

IN — Industrial Law New South Wales

IPC — Copyright and Designs

IPP — Patents , Trade Marks and Related Rights

IPR — Intellectual Property Reports

IQ — Industrial Law Queensland

IR — Industrial Reports

IRTD — Immigration Review Tribunal Digest

ITR — Australian Incom Tax Reports

JCL — Journal of Contract Law

Knox — Knox’s Reports (NSW)

Knox & Fitzh — Knox & Fitzhardinge’s Reports

LCC — Land Appeal Court Cases (NSW)

LCCN — Local Courts Civil Procedure NSW

Legge — Legge’s Supreme Court Cases (NSW)

Leg Rep — Legal Reporter

LGAT — Local Government Appeals Tribunal Reports

LGATR — Local Government Appeals Tribunal Reports (NSW)

LGERA — Local Government and Environmental Reports of Australia

LGN — Local Government Planning and Environment NSW

LGR — Local Government Reports (NSW)

LGRA — Local Government Reports of Australia

LN — Licensing Laws New South Wales

LR (NSW) — Law Reports, New South Wales

LV — Liquor Laws Victoria

LVR — Land and Valuation Court Reports (NSW)

MTN — Motor and Traffic Law New South Wales

MTV — Motor and Traffic Law Victoria

MVR — Motor Vehicle Reports

N & S — Nicholls and Stops’ Reports

NSW Conv R — New South Wales Conveyancing Cases

NSW Inc Acts — New South Wales Incorporated Acts

NSW Indus Arb R — New South Wales Industrial Arbitration Reports

NSW Land App — New South Wales Land Appeal Court Cases

NSW Local Gov’t R — New South Wales Local Government Reports

NSWLR — New South Wales Law Reports

NSW Pub Acts — Public Acts of New South Wales

NSW Pub Stat — New South Wales Public Statutes

NSWR — New South Wales Reports

NSWR Regs & B — New South Wales Rules, Regulations,and By-Laws

NSW SCt Cas — New South Wales Supreme Court Cases

NSW SCt?R — New South Wales Supreme Court Reports

NSW Stat — Statutes of New South Wales

NSW St?R — New South Wales State Reports

NSW Worker’s Comp?R — New South Wales Worker’s Compensation Reports

NSWWN — New South Wales Weekly Notes

NT — Native Title

NT News — Native Title News

NTJ — Northern Territory Judgments

NTR — Northern Territory Reports (in ALR)

OHSN — Occupational Health and Safety Law New South Wales

PABR — Planning Appeals Board Reports (Vic)

PEV — Planning and Environment Victoria

PIN — Personal Injury Litigation New South Wales

PIQ — Personal Injury Litigation Queensland

PL — Product Liability Australia

QCLLR — Queensland Crown Lands Law Reports

QCR — Queensland Criminal Law Reports

QD(EP) — Australian Quantum of Damages on Disk

QdR — Queensland Reports

QJPR — Queensland Justice of the Peace Reports

QL — Queensland Lawyer

QLCR — Queensland Land Court Reports

QLJ — Queensland Law Journal Reports

QLR — Queensland Law Reports

QPLR — Queensland Planning Law Reports

QSCR — Queensland Supreme Court Reports

Queensl Acts — Queensland Acts

Queensl Stat — Queensland Statutes

Queensl Cr Lands LR — Queensland Crown Lands Law Reports

Queensl JPR — Queensland Justice of the Peace Reports

Queensl Land Ct R — Queensland Land Court Reports

Queensl Law — Queensland Lawyer

Queensl LJ & R — Queensland Law Journal and Reports

Queensl LJ & St R — Queensland Law Journal and State Reports

Queensl LR — Queensland Law Reports

Queensl Pub Acts — Public Acts of Queensland

Queensl St R — Queensland State Reports

Queensl R — Queensland Reports

Queensl SCt R — Queensland Supreme Court Reports

QWN — Queensland Weekly Notes

R & McG — Court of Review Decisions, Ratcliffe and McGrath

RPD — Repatriation Pension Decisions

SAIR — South Australian Industrial Reports

SALCR — South Australian Licensing Court Reports

SALR — South Australian Law Reports

SAPR — South Australian Planning Reports

SASR — South Australian State Reports

SAustl Acts — South Australia Acts

SAustl Acts & Ord — Acts and Ordinances of South Australia

SAustl Indus R — South Australia Industrial Reports

SAustl LR — South Australia Law Reports

SAustl Sess Stat — South Australia Statutes

SAustl Pub Gen Acts — Public General Acts of South Australia

SAustl Stat — South Australian Statutes

SAustl St R — South Australia State Reports

SCR (NSW) — Supreme Court Reports

SCR (NSW) (NS) — Supreme Court Reports, New Series

SD(EP) — Australian Sentencing Decisons on Disk

SDL — Australian Stamp Duties Law

SMN — New South Wales Solicitors Manual

SPN Ritchie’s — Supreme Court Procedure New South Wales

SPQ — Supreme Court Practice – Queensland

SR (NSW) — State Reports New South Wales

SR (WA) — State Reports Western Australia

St R Qd — Queensland State Reports

St R Qd — State Reports Queensland

Tarleton — Tarleton’s Term Reports

Tas LR (NC) — Tasmanian Law Reports

Tas R — Tasmanian Reports

Tas SR — Tasmanian State Reports

Tasm Acts — Tasmania Acts of Parliament

Tasm LR — Tasmania Law Reports

Tasm Sess Stat — Tasmania Statutes

Tasm Stat — Tasmania Statutes

Tasm Stat R — Tasmanian Statutory Rules, with Tables

Tasm St R — Tasmania State Reports

TBRD — Taxation Board of Review Decisions

TLA — Taxation Laws of Australia

TLJ — Torts Law Journal

TPP — Australian Tenancy Practice and Precedents

TPR — Trade Practices Reports

TPRS — Trade Practices Reporting Service

TRA — Takeovers and Reconstructions in Australia

Van Diem L Acts — Acts of Van Dieman’s Land

VAR — Victorian Administrative Reports

Vict LR — Victorian Law Reports

Vict R — Victorian Reports

Vict SCt — Reports of Cases Dupreme Court of Victoria

Vict Stat R Regs & B — Victoria Statutory Rules, Regulation and By-Laws

Vict Stat — Victorian Statutes: the General Public Acts

VIR — Victorian Industrial Reports

VJB — Victorian Judgments Bulletin

VLR — Victorian Law Reports

VLT — Victoria Law Times and Legal Observer

VPA — Victorian Planning Appeal Decisions

VR — Victorian Reports

W & W — Wyatt and Webb’s Victorian Reports

WA Arb R — Western Australia Arbitration Reports

WALR — Western Australian Law Reports

WAR — Western Australian Reports

WAustl R — Western Australia Reports

WAustl LR — Western Australia Law Reports

WAustl Repr Acts — Reprinted Acts of Western Australia

WAustl Acts — Western Australia Acts

WAustl Stat — Statutes of Western Australia

WAustl Stat — Western Australia Statutes (1832-1895)

WCB (WA) — Workers’ Compensation Board Decisions (WA)

WCB (Vic) — Workers’ Compensation Board of Victoria Decisions

WCN — Mills Workers Compensation NSW

WCR (NSW) — Workers’ Compensation Reports (NSW)

WCR (Q) — Workers’ Compensation Reports, Queensland

WN (NSW) — Weekly Notes, New South Wales

WN Covers (NSW) — Weekly Notes Covers

WPN — Wills, Probate and Administration Service NSW

WW & A’B — Wyatt, Webb, and A’Beckett’s Victorian Reports



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