List of Encyclopedias about Criminal Law

List of Encyclopedias about Criminal Law

Most of the following Encyclopedias are covered in the Encyclopedia of Law.

  • Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement
  • Encyclopedia of Gangs: Provides a detailed look at a range of topics including gang assembly and operation, conditions of female and mixed gender gangs, and gangs as economic associations on an international scale.
  • Encyclopedia of American Crime
  • Encyclopedia of Terrorism: Gives a chronology of major acts of terrorism from 1946 to 2000.
  • Encyclopedia of White-Collar Crime: Focuses on corporate and organized crime in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • The Encyclopedia of American Law: A broad, A-to-Z reference covering a collection of issues, terms, concepts, court cases, history, and people of significance in the American legal system.
  • The Encyclopedia of American Law Enforcement: Presents an A-Z reference to law enforcement in America from the colonial era to the present. Includes the major law enforcement agencies; biographies of key figures; a representative police department from each state and most major cities; community crime prevention programs; police codes, jargon, tactics, and unions; types of crime including cybercrime and terrorism; women in law enforcement; and scandals.
  • The Encyclopedia of American Prisons: From historical issues and institutions to current controversies, this encyclopedia presents entries describing terms, important individuals, legal cases, scandals, historical events, and other items related to the American penal system.
  • The Encyclopedia of Crime Scene Investigation: Alphabetically arranged entries describe applications and techniques, including such topics as ballistics analysis, DNA identification, fingerprinting, forgery detection, forensic medicine, firearms identification, toxicology, and other tools of the investigator’s profession. Case histories are also included.
  • The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers: Details case histories of individual serial killers and their crimes from around the world.
  • The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes: Amateur sleuths and mystery lovers will find much to contemplate in this encyclopedia of unsolved crimes committed around the world in the 19th and 20th centuries. Each of the 500-plus cross-referenced entries includes a detailed description of the crime, all known evidence, and leading theories about the perpetrators.
  • World Encyclopedia of Police Forces and Correctional Systems: Describes the national law enforcement and correctional systems of approximately 220 countries around the world.




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