List of Dictionaries about Criminal Law

List of Dictionaries about Criminal Law

  • Cop Talk: A Dictionary of Police Slang: A lively collection of the words and phrases of police slang, from both live and printed sources, with definitions and many appropriate examples of usage.
  • Dictionary of Terrorism: Provides an overview of the key themes, individuals, organizations and tactics that have shaped terrorism throughout history and into the contemporary world. It covers events such as the 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 London bombings terrorist organizations from the Assassins of the first century to the modern Zapatista Army of National Liberation
  • Essential English/Spanish and Spanish/English Legal Dictionary: With more than 45,000 entries covering all areas of law, these are the dictionaries that lawyers, law students, translators, and those working in English and Spanish in law and associated fields have been trusting since it was first published.
  • Prentice Hall’s Dictionary of American Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Criminal Law: This comprehensive reference book is the first single volume of its kind to include key terms from criminal justice, criminology and criminal law—and provide complete definitions for this allimportant terminology.
  • The Dictionary of Criminal Justice: Definitions of terms specific to criminal justice, with entries on prominent lawyers, judges, and other personalities. Includes summaries of about 800 U.S. Supreme Court cases, arranged by the relevant constitutional amendment.
  • The Penguin Dictionary of Psychology: Includes the latest definitions used in psychology,psychiatry, and related fields. It features 17,000 entries along with sections that explore the latest developments in neuroscience and social psychology.



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