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CaseSearch is an online case citator. It allows you to track the history of a case, finding out how the decision has been applied in subsequent cases. It is updated daily and provides procedural history, Annotations , keywords and summaries. Subsequent judicial consideration of a case is flagged up by a “traffic light system? of symbols highlighted below.

CaseSearch’s key advantage is that it provides a quick overview of a case, its current standing, its passage through the courts, and any previous cases it considered or subsequent cases it was considered by.

Practice Areas

The Practice Area pages provide a Search form and sources specific to a particular market area or job function. All of the Practice Area pages follow a similar structure and can be used in the same way, although the content available is dependent on the Practice Area selected.
If you wish, you can designate one of the Practice Areas as your Start Page. To do this, click on the link for the Practice Area to display it. Then click on Make this My Start Page. For example, if your research consists of primarily of taxation searches, you may wish to have the Tax & Accountancy Practice Area displayed as your Start Page.

The Practice Area pages are all laid out in a similar format:

  • Quick Find Allows you to perform a search for a case, piece of legislation, form or journal article quickly and easily.
  • My Bookshelf A list of key sources relevant to the practice area. You can add or remove additional sources available via Lexis ®Library to this list using the links available.
  • Updates / Resources & Tools Links to recent articles and cases, as well as search tools specifically focussed on searching within that practice area.
  • My Research Quick links to any relevant Alerts you have set up.

The order of your Quick Links order will vary according to Practice Area.

Forms and Precedents

There are a number of Forms and Precedents available via Lexis®Library, including Atkin?s Court Forms and Encyclopedia of Forms and Precedents. In some cases these offer the ability to fill in forms online.
Please note that there is also extensive online help available from within Lexis®Library in the form of online tutorials as well as the usual help screens.

International Cases

The search screen for these can be accessed from the Cases search tab and then in the navigation menu on the left of the screen.

Did you Know?

For court opinions in the UK, CaseSearch provides a good place to start when looking for relevant case law on a topic. It is always worth remembering that, in the United Kingdom, Westlaw offers a similar service, called Case Analysis which, used in conjunction with CaseSearch can offer access to additional related cases and materials. The print equivalent of both online resources is the Current Law Case Citator.

Main Source: Resource Book for Legal Researchers, University of the West of England, 2010

From the publisher (Lexis Nexis):

CaseSearch is a comprehensive archive of case records, dating from 1502, which provides procedural history, Annotations , keywords and summaries. A traffic light system takes into account both the procedural history and the subsequent judicial consideration of a case.

“Case law on LexisLibrary starts at 1558, and includes full archives of The Law Reports (ICLR), All England Law Reports, specialist law reports (e.g. Industrial Relations Law Reports and Scottish cases), Official Transcripts from 1980 onwards, Digests and Casesearch (Citator). UK Cases number around 300,000 with recent judgments and digests added every day.”
Casesearch is searched by default when you use the ‘Quick Find’ box to find a case. It gives you comprehensive analysis of a case including all citations, a history of the case in lower courts, cases used in judgments, and provides a coloured signal to indicate
subsequent treatment.

The signals to the right of the case name indicate the type of treatment that the cases have received.

  • Negative Treatment Icon: This indicates that the decision has been subsequently reversed, disapproved or overruled.
  • Positive Treatment Icon: This indicates that the decision has received positive treatment.
  • Neutral Treatment Icon: This indicates that the decision has had some doubt cast on it.
  • A blue C indicates the case is cited with citation information only.
  • Cautionary Treatment Icon: this indicates that the decisions should be relied on with caution.

CaseSearch Coverage of Cases and Reports

– The Law Reports, AC, Ch, QB, Fam etc
– All England Reporter
– All England Law Reports
– All England Law Reports, Commercial Cases
– All England Law Reports, European Cases
– Building Law Reports
– Butterworths Company Law Cases
– Butterworths Human Rights Cases
– Butterworths Medico-Legal Reports
– Common Market Law Reports
– Criminal Appeal Reports
– Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing)
– Criminal Law Reports
– Entertainment and Media Law Reports
– Estates Gazette Law Reports
– European Court of Human Rights Cases
– European Court Reports
– Family Court Reports
– Family Law
– Family Law Reports
– Fleet Street Reports
– Housing Law Reports
– Immigration Appeal Reports
– Industrial Cases Reports
– Industrial Relations Law Reports
– Intellectual Property and Technology Cases
– Justice of the Peace
– Law Reports of the Commonwealth
– Law Society Gazette
– Lloyd’s Law Reports
– Lloyd’s Law Reports (Insurance and Reinsurance)
– New Law Journal
– Personal Injury and Quantum Reports
– Planning Law Cases Reports
– Property and Compensation Reports
– Rating and Valuation Reports
– Rating Appeals
– Reports of Patent Cases
– Road Traffic Reports
– Scots Law Times
– Scottish Civil Law Reports
– Scottish Criminal Cases Reports
– Session Cases
– Simon’s Tax Cases
– Simon’s Tax Cases (Special Commissioners Decisions)
– Simon’s Weekly Tax Intelligence
– Solicitor’s Journal
– Tax Cases
– Value Added Tax and Duties
– Weekly Law Reports

Australia’s Case Search

LexisNexis provides in Australia several case citators. Most of the following content is from the publisher:

CaseBase Case Citator Online

CaseBase Case Citator is Australia’s most comprehensive and current case citator, placing more than 552,000 case citations, digests and journal articles at your fingertips. With extensive links to the full text decisions in Unreported Judgments, dozens of Australian and international specialist Reports Series, Journals and CaseSearch (UK), CaseBase is indispensible for case law research. No other service includes both cases and journals in one package, and now with more than 200,000 links to LawNow Legislation, CaseBase saves you even greater research time and costs.

Casesearch Immigration And Human Rights

CaseSearch is an online case citator offering a huge archive of several hundred thousand cases which can be searched in a number of ways, enabling the user to find useful cases quickly. The archive includes cases which date back to medieval times, but CaseSearch is also updated daily with the very latest information.

Casesearch Litigation And Dispute Resolution

CaseSearch is a Lexis Nexis Austalia’s online case citator “offering a huge archive of several hundred thousand cases which can be searched in a number of ways, enabling the user to find useful cases quickly. The archive includes cases which date back to medieval times, but CaseSearch is also updated daily with the very latest information.”

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