Legal Trac

Legal Trac

Legal Trac offers an index of journal articles, many of them in full text.

  • LegalTrac indexes a wide range of legal journals from several, including Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Some articles are available in full text in LegalTrac, while a citation and/or abstract is provided for others. Full text articles may also include a Download as .mp3 or Listen Now option for those who would rather listen than read.
  • If you’re not confident with databases it’s often easier to search LegalTrac first to find an article reference, then use the FindWaikato link (for most articles not in full text) to go to a different database like Lexis or Westlaw to get the actual article.


  • The front screen has new articles on selected topics (these are pre-defined by the database vendors and cannot be changed) it also has links at the top of the screen to browsing and advanced seach options.
  • You can do a basic key word search right from the front page.
  • Use the advanced search option to limit by fields (such as author or article title) or article types especially if your search uses relatively common terms.
  • You can restrict your search to just full text articles (under “More Search Options”), though you may miss out on potentially useful articles which can then be located in full elsewhere.
  • Use the search history link in the orange banner at the top of the page to edit a search or go back to an earlier one. This is for the current session only, once you leave the database the information is gone



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