Labor law

Labor law

Early Labor Law

In England, Parliament was averse to legislating on subjects relating to workers because of the prevailing policy of laissez-faire. The earliest factory law (1802) dealt with the health, safety, and morals of children employed in textile mills, and subsequent laws regulated their hours and working conditions. An act of 1833 provided for inspection to enforce the law. Young mine workers were first protected in 1842, women in 1844. Although labor unions were legalized in 1825, agreements among their members to seek better hours and wages were punishable as conspiracy under the Common law until they were legalized in 1871 and 1906.

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Labor Law

Contents of Labor Law

Contents of this subject matter include:

Part 1 Introduction to Labor Law

Defining Labor Law

Sources of Labor law including awards, agreements, employment contracts, statute and case law

Regulatory Bodies and Labor Law stakeholders including employer organizations and unions

Purposes and Theories of Labor Law

Part 2 Employment Compared to Other Work Relationships

The distinction between employee and independent contractor

The legal regulation of precarious work or special types of work

Part 3 the History and Constitutional Basis of Labor Law

Major legislative reforms to Labor law in historical and political context. the constitutional basis of Labor law

Part 4 Employment Rights and Responsibilities under the Common Law

Rights and Responsibilities of Employees under the common law

Rights and Responsibilities of Employers under the common law

Part 5 Minimum Standards

Minimum Terms and Conditions of Employment under the Federal Legislative system

Part 6 Workplace Bargaining

Negotiating and Making Workplace Agreements under Federal Legislation

Industrial Action under the common law

Taking industrial Action pursuant to Federal legislative provisions

Part 7 Termination of Employment

Termination of Employment at common law

Termination of employment under Statute (including Unfair dismissal)

Transfer of Business

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Labor Law

This entry provides an overview of the legal framework of labor law, with a description of the most significant features of labor law at international level.

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