Jurisdictions in international law. Bibliograpy

Jurisdictions in international law. Bibliograpy

Numerous jurisdictions exist permitting states to exercise authority over various spaces and persons. States exercise strong control over their air space, landed territory, and various seaward jurisdictions such as the 12-mile territorial sea along their coasts. Outer space, the High Seas , and the polar regions, especially Antarctica, are governed under treaty arrangements and are considered “common heritages of humankind States acknowledge their citizens as having nationality and issue passports recognizing this status for international travel purposes; some states reluctantly accept dual nationality. Many states exercise extraterritorial (outside their territory) jurisdiction mainly for state security reasons and to protect their citizens while they are located outside a state’s territory States generally respect the sovereign acts of other states but, when another state government is involved in a business enterprise, states may apply a qualified version of state immunity States commonly have extradition Treaties with other states to return a criminal suspect into the custody of the aggrieved state; the use of capital punishment has complicated the extradition process especially for the United States.


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