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This entry explores the history, literature and process of Jewish law. Together with the sources and structure of Jewish law, the entry examines the dynamics of the legal system by looking at such areas as: biblical interpretation in civil and ritual law, capital punishment, self-incrimination, the duty of confidentiality, abortion, the interaction of Jewish law with other legal systems, and the application of Jewish law in the Israeli legal system.

Legal Materials

Menachem Elon’s four-volume Jewish Law: History, Sources, Principles (Jewish Publication Society) provides a good overview of Jewish law. Other useful treatises include An Introduction to the History and Sources of Jewish Law (Oxford University Press) and Jewish Law and Legal Theory (New York University Press).

The “Jewish Law” section of Religious Legal Systems: A Brief Guide to Research and Its Role in Comparative Law by Marylin Johnson Raisch discusses the basic sources of Jewish law and links to online resources. See also, David Hollander’s “Jewish Law for the Law Librarian,” 98(2) Law Library Journal 219 (Spring 2006).

Jewish law. Halakah

Contents. Halakah

  • Even ha-?ezer law (General)
  • H . oshen mishpat. law (General)
  • Mishpat Ivri
  • Bibliography
  • Monographic series
  • Legal Education . Study and teaching
  • General works
  • The concept of Jewish law
  • Sources of Jewish law (Mishpat Ivri)
  • Methodology of law development
  • Influence of other legal systems on Jewish law
  • Law reform and policies. Criticism
  • Concepts applying to several branches of the law, A-Z
  • Private law
  • Conflict of laws. Plurality of laws conflict
  • Assistance in emergencies
  • Persons
  • Domestic relations. Family law
  • Guardian and ward. Apotropos
  • Inheritance and succession
  • Gifts. Charitable gifts. Donations
  • Dinei mamonot
  • Social laws and legislation
  • Courts and procedure
  • Public law. The state and the Jewish community. Kehillah
  • Constitutional law. Constitutional principles of the Jewish community
  • Administrative law and process of communal agencies
  • Civil service. Employees of communal agencies
  • Police and public safety
  • Public property. Communal property. Restraints on private property
  • Public health
  • Medical legislation
  • Birth control. Family planning
  • Environmental law
  • Cultural affairs
  • Economic law
  • Transportation and communication
  • Professions
  • Public finance
  • Measures in time of war, national emergency, or economic crisis
  • Criminal law and procedure
  • Community defense. Military law

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The Legal History of jewish law

This section provides an overview of jewish law


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