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Business Information: Matthew Bender publishes a guide to Doing Business in Japanthat is available through Lexis (MATBEN;DBJAPN). Deloitte posts a Tax and Investment guide for Japan. See also the sources listed in “Doing Business in Foreign Countries.”

Company Information: Teikoku provides financials and basic information for a large number of public and private Japanese businesses. Teikoku company reports are available from Lexis (COMPNY;JPCORP), Skyminder, and directly from Teikoku.

If a Japanese company trades in the U.S. as American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), you can get Form 20-F filings from EDGAR.

EDINET, the Japanese equivalent to EDGAR, provides public company filings in Japanese. EOL is subscription based service that provides high-level current and historical information for all public and some private companies. The Japan Company Handbook provides 1-page snapshots for all public companies; the Handbook is available on Lexis (COMPNY;JCH). The International Institutional Database, also onLexis (COMPNY;MGINTL) has financials and stock prices for many Japanese companies.

Alacra sells information about Japanese businesses from a number of different sources, including Thomson Ownership (to identify shareholders).

For more sources, see the separate “Company Information” entry.

Intellectual Property: The EPO’s Japan page provides information about Japanese patents and tips on searching even if you do not know the language. See also Patents – Foreign, Trademarks and/or Copyrights.

Legal Materials: For an introduction to the Japanese legal system and for links to Japanese legal materials see the Guide To Law Online: Japan by the Library of Congress and/or The Japanese Law Research Guide. To learn about more Japanese legal materials available in English, see the “Foreign Laws” entry of this Guide.

News: Free, current news is available from News on Japan, The Japan Times Onlineand Japan Today. Westlaw has fee-based databases for Japan News (JAPANNEWS) and Japan Corporate News (JPNCNWS).

Translation: The New York-based Translation Company (800-322-8269) provides translations, as does the Japan Society in New York City.

The Legal History of Japan

This section provides an overview of Japan legal history.

Anger and Internet in Japan, the Law and other Social Sciences

People’s anger has also given rise to controversy on the internet in Japan and is often linked with the issue of “flaming”. Thus, this topic focuses on the expression and sharing of anger on the internet in Japan by providing examples. It also covers the results of large-scale studies that have been conducted in recent years and analyzes the traits of those who participate in flaming. We will cover the problems that go hand-in-hand with expression of anger on the internet in terms of “Social sharing of emotion (Rime, 2007)”. Through these arguments we will list the results of studies done in Japan that ask what should be done to control anger. In addition, we will also discuss what we should be focusing on when expressing emotions of anger and our experiences on the internet.[1]

Japan and Europe

There is an entry on japan and europe in the European legal encyclopedia.

United States Special Measures Agreement With Japan

In relation to the international law practice and Special Measures Agreement With Japan in this world legal Encyclopedia, please see the following section:

Use of Force, Arms Control, Disarmament, Nonproliferation

About this subject:

Use of Force

Under this topic, in the Encyclopedia, find out information on Bilateral agreements and arrangements. Note: there is detailed information and resources, in relation with these topics during the year 2011, covered by the entry, in this law Encyclopedia, about Special measures agreement with Japan


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  • Entry “Japan and Europe” in the work “A Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union from Aachen to Zollverein”, by Rodney Leach (Profile Books; London)


Notes and References

  1. Hiroko Endo, Kei Fuji, “Anger and Internet in Japan” (Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, 4th Edition, Information Resources Management Association, 2018)


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