International Treaties

International Treaties

Legal Materials

  • United Nations Treaty Collection: (Harvard only) the United Nations Treaty Collection is a full-text database of treaties searchable in various permutations.
  • European Treaty Series: A searchable database of treaties in the European Treaty Series (“ETS”) from the Council of Europe.
  • Organization of American States Treaty Series: A searchable database of treaties sponsored in the OAS.
  • Hague Conventions: All full-text and status information for the conventions from the Hague Conference on Private International Law.
  • Multilaterals Project: From the Fletcher School, full-text multilateral treaties.
  • Westlaw’s Combined Treaties database (CMB-TREATIES) allows broad searching of a number of Westlaw treaty databases (which also can be searched individually), including:
    • USTREATIES U.S. Treaties and Other International Agreements
    • FTX-TREATIES Federal Taxation – U.S. Treaties and Conventions
    • GATT Uruguay Round General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
    • NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement
    • INTLENVL International Environmental Law Documents
    • UKHR-TREATIES United Kingdom Human Rights – Treaties
    • EU-TREATIES European Union Treaties
    • AU-AGREE-INTL Australian International Agreements
    • RIA-TREATIES RIA International Tax Treaties and Explanations
    • UKIP-TREATIES United Kingdom Intellectual Property – Treaties
  • Lexis (1962 – (vol.1)), Westlaw (1980- (vol.19)) and HeinOnline (1962-2003) provide access to International Legal Materials (ILM), another treaty source.

Updating Multilateral Treaties

  • Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary General (UN Treaty Collection): (Harvard only) This tool indexes treaties deposited with the United Nations, providing the current status of each treaty with the various signatories and full-text of reservations.
  • United Nations Treaty Collection Contains the products “Status of Multilateral Treaties Deposited” as well as the full-text UN Treaty Collection. For alternate searching capabilities, including searching by KAV subject, treaty number and UNTS cite , use the UN Master Treaty Index, current to June 2004. From any law library terminal start menu, click on Programs/Selected Foreign and International/Hein UN Treaty Index.

Legal Context

United States Treaties

  • Title: TIARA
    Web Address:
    Who Can Access: Harvard ID holders
    Where to Access: any terminal
    How to Access: Go to any Law Library terminal. Click on the Start menu, under Selected Foreign and International sources, click on Treaties and Other International Agreements Online (TIARA). When the website opens, click “Connect via IP recognition”. Alternatively, from any terminal on campus or off, go to TIARA in the HOLLIS catalog . Click on the Internet Link provided. Click OK on the copyright dialog box or enter your Harvard ID and PIN if offsite.
    Author: Oceana Publications, Inc.
    Description: TIARA provides two treaty resources for you. The first is their free treaty index. The second is the Treaties and International Agreements Online product which offers you citation information as well as full-text. It is often one of the first places to look for new US treaties before they are published in other sources.
  • US Treaties and Other International Agreements, the full-text US Treaty source is available on Westlaw (USTREATY), on Lexis (USTRTY) and on HeinOnline.
  • Lexis also has its own unique treaty database called US Treaties on Lexis (USTRTY), which is “an electronic compilation of full-text ratified and unratified treaties and international agreements, where the United States is a party or signatory. This includes not only treaties signed by the President with the advice and consent of the US Senate, but also international agreements from the U.S. Government. Documents are obtained directly from the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Senate, as well as authoritative U.S. government publications, including:
    • Treaty Documents: Treaties transmitted to the Senate for consideration, usually including transmittal messages from the President and the Secretary of State.
    • Slip Documents: Treaties and international agreements released by the US Department of State, but not yet printed in TIAS.
    • Treaties and Other International Acts Series (T.I.A.S) from 1985 – official slip treaty publication from the Government Printing Office (GPO).
    • US Treaties and Other International Agreements (U.S.T.) 1949-1984 – permanent form of official treaty publication.
    • Bevan’s Treaties and Other International Agreements 1776-1949 – the definitive retrospective compilation of US treaties and agreements.
  • Senate Treaty Documents: (from GPO Access) Provides Treaty Documents (“T.Doc.”) since the 104th Congress.

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