International Law General resources

International Law – General resources


Key Resources on the Internet for International Law Research(Lyonette Louis-Jacques)
A Concise Guide by a Leading Authority:Selected Major Sites; International Organizations ; Selected Other Sites; Books and Library Catalogues; Journals and Periodical Indexes; Major Newsgroups; International News Services; Directories; Research Guides

International Law In Brief (ASIL)
Recent Developments in International Law

LibInfo (D’Angelo Law library )
Constitutions ; Comparative Law; Laws of Foreign Countries; Treaties ; U.S. Foreign Affairs; European Union; United Nations; Other International Organizations ; War Crimes; Human Rights; International Trade; Intellectual Property; International law journals

ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law
Explanatory Guide to Research, with Links. Initially covers United Nations; Human Rights; International Environmental Law; International Criminal Law ; Lists, Newsgroups, Networks; Treaties

Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases (N.Y.U. Law library /Roznovschi)

Insights (ASIL)
Short Articles on Current Topics

Infonation (UN)
Extensive Collection of Information by country e.g. Languages; CO2 Emissions; Forest Area; Urban Growth Rate; Energy Consumption; Threatened Species; GDP; Unemployment; Population Density; Infant Mortality; Population Growth; Fertility Rate; Life Expectancy; Illiteracy; Education Spending

Mario’s Cyberspace Station (Profaca)
Large Number of Web Pages which contain Very Extensive Materials. Includes Many Excellent country Sites

University of Southern California – International Legal Materials
Links to Constitutions , Treaties, Environmental Resources, European Communities and General International Law

St. Louis University Law School/International Law

U.S. Military Academy, West Point (Balmanno)
International Law Resources. These Pages cover Human Rights; United Nations; Regional Organizations; International Business Organizations: General Resources

Public International Law (Carolyn Hotchkiss)
Guide to International Law, with Links

Droit International Public (Patrice Despretz)
International Law Links

Actualite et Droit International
International Law Journal

WWW Virtual Library – International and Environmental Law (Indiana)

Research Guide to International Law on the Internet(Magagni)
Includes Starting Points; United Nations, European Union, International Organizations; Peace and Security; Current Conflicts and Humanitarian Crises; Peacekeeping Operations; Humanitarian Law; Human Rights; International Criminal Law ; Environmental Law; Law of the Sea; Air and Space; International Trade

ForInt-Law (Washburn University)
Foreign Legal Materials by Geographic Location and by Subject, Treaties and United Nations, Foreign and International Law Listserv Archives, Electronic Journals, International Organizations, Embassies, Law Firms, Law WWW Resources around the World, Search Engines

Washington and Lee Searchable Index

Government Publications (Northwestern University Library)
International Governmental Organizations; Foreign Governments; Regional Information; Topical Information

Essential Information
Founded by Ralph Nader, Essential Information provides Provocative Information on Important Topics neglected by the Mass Media and Policy Makers: GIS Project; Multinational Monitor; Multinationals and Development Clearinghouse; Newsprints; Networks Services

Cornell/International Law

Permanent Court of Arbitration
Nature; Functions; PCA Conventions; States Parties; Rules

Justus-Liebig University, Giessen (Bryde)

International Law Links (Emory)

Bookmarks (Leiden Law Library)

Anne Ritchie’s International Law Links

Roel Hans Bethlehem’s International Law Page
Concise and Practical Collection of Links. Includes International Organisations, Treaties. European Institutions, Environment, Development, Law Journals , Universities and Student Organisations

Shinya Ichinohe’s International Law Page

Virtual Institute (Max Planck Institute)
The Institute’s Catalogue; Articles and Books by Detailed Categories; World Court Digest; International Law Links by Detailed Categories

State Responsibility Project (Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law)
Draft Articles; Commentary; Current Status; Government Comments; ILC Annual Reports on State Responsibility

International Law Study Centre (Ryszard Piotrowicz)
Study Guide on General International Law, Law of the Sea, Human Rights Law, Antarctic and Southern Oceans Law; Links

Central and East European Legal, Political, Business and Economics WWW Resources(Gonzaga)
Links to Sites in Albania; Belarus; Bosnia; Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Estonia; Hungary; Latvia; Lithuania; Macedonia; Moldova; Poland; Romania; Russia; Serbia; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Ukraine; General Resources

Russian Legal Server (Nikiforov)
Russian Legal News,Russian Laws,Tutorial on Russian Legal Research , Legal Information, Classifieds

Africa Online (Prodigy)
Africa’s Gateway to the Internet. Includes News; Organizations; Women; Travel; Yellow Pages

Africa Search WoYaa!
Window to Africa on the Internet. Some Links Headings are Business; Education ; Government; Health; Media; Regional; Society. Information on Each Country. Africa News. Searchable Site

Small Islands Information Network(Peter Meincke)
What’s New; Conferences; List of Islands; Caribbean; Indian Ocean; Indonesia; Mediterranean; North Atlantic; South Atlantic; North Pacific; South Pacific; Philippines; Organizations; Full Text Papers; Links
Cultural Property (Molton and Meekins)
1970 UNESCO Convention; Stolen Cultural Property; Nationalized Cultural Property; Sevso Silver Case; 1995 Unidroit Convention; Other Resources

International Cultural Property Protection (U.S. Information Agency)
What’s New; Problem of Pillage; U.S. Implementation of the 1970 UNESCO Convention on Cultural Property; U.S. and International Cultural Laws and Conventions; Links

Culturelink (UNESCO/Council of Europe/IRMO)
Network; Research; Databases; Publications; Asia-Pacific Regional Centre of Culturelink Network; Links

Organization of American States
Charter, Treaties, Resolutions, Activities

Summit of the Americas 1994(FIU)

The White House
Includes search through Executive Branch

The Commonwealth OnLine
Member Countries; Official and NGO Organizations; Yearbook


Washington Post International
International Stories and Regional Pages. Search the World Database to find Information on 220 Countries and Territories. This Most Useful Search yields Materials from the Washington Post, the Associated Press, the World Factbook and gives Internet Links

BBC News
Excellent Site. Includes Current World News; Contents by Region; Analysis of Current Issues with Links; Site Search

International Law News (Law Journal Extra)
News. Columns, Forums, Government, Statutes, Treaties, Decisions, Resources

Newsbot (Wired)
Search includes World News in last 6, 12, 24 or 48 Hours, 4 or 7 Days or Whenever. Very Useful, especially for Recent News. Also can download Personal Agent for Personalized Topics, Automated Searches with Desktop Delivery

News Index
Global News Search, with Personalized Headline Delivery

The Economist Archive
Search the Archive from 1993 onwards. On this Page, “Browse”gives Access to the Monster Magazine List, a Most Extensive Collection of Journals available by Search or by Category

CNN All Politics Searcher
Search of CNN for World Affairs. Links to CNN Interactive Home Page, Time and Pathfinder

Pathfinder (Time Warner)
News, Magazines including Time; CNN; Fortune; Netly News


Large Collection of Links to Newspapers categorised by Country and State

Embassies, Governments And Foreign Affairs Departments

Governments on the WWW (Anzinger)
Compact Overview by Region; Large Collection by Region; Multi-National Organizations; Heads of State; Parliaments; Law Courts; Representations in Foreign Countries; Political Parties

The Embassy Page (GlobeScope)
Links to Home Pages for Embassies and Consulates in the United States and World-Wide

eNetDigest (Gill and Paragon Services)
Government Agencies by World Regions; Search

U.S. Department of State
Includes Department’s Reports on selected topics

Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs

Australian Dept. of Foreign Affairs

Australian Diplomatic Digest
A Critical View of Australian Diplomatic Practice

International Affairs

Int. Affairs Resources/Virtual Library

Political Resources on the Net (The Surfer)
Numerous Links for Many Nations

International Studies Resources on the Internet (Selcher/Elizabethtown College)
Over 1,000 Selected Links including News; U.S. Government; Non-Governmental Organizations; European Union; United Nations; Other Intergovernmental Organizations; Regions and Countries; International Business; International Development; International Communications; Global Environment; International and Foreign Law ; Peace and Security; Human Rights; Health Study and Work Abroad

Country Studies (Library of Congress)
Detailed Studies of 85 Countries

The Heritage Foundation
Policy Review Journal; Publications on International Affairs; Full-Text Search of Site; Links


CIA World Factbook
Detailed Data and Maps of World’s Nations and Territories

International Law Dictionary. Most Useful Dictionary. Definitions include Links. Site also has Other Dictionaries; Searches; Directories; News; Journals; Texts; Courses; Libraries; Schools; Firms; Associations

E-Conflict World Encyclopedia (Emulate Me)
Detailed Information on Nations of the World

Maps (National Geographic)
Map Machine (Maps; Facts; Profiles for all Countries); Political and Physical Maps; Map Resources

Law Students
International Law Students Association
Includes Jessup Moot Information

International Law Students Association – Ottawa (Derek Bell)
Extensive source for ILSA and ELSA and for International Law generally, includes the ILSA Journal, ILSA Links, Educational Links, Environment, International Organisations, Government, Legal Sources, Security and Trade

Researching Careers in International Law (Lyonette Louis-Jacques)
Guide to Resources in Print and Electronic Format



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