International Environment resources

International Environment resources


Cairo Conference on Population (IISD)
Search the Page; Conference Follow-Up; Historical Record of Conference; Preparatory Documentation; Other Background Information

World Population Estimates: 1998 Revision (U.N.)
Population of All Countries in 1998 and 2050; World Population Growth from Year 0 to 2050; Countries with Population of 50,000,000 (1950, 1998 and 2050); Demographic Impact of HIV/AIDS; Below-Replacement Fertility; Ageing; the Oldest-Old; World Population Estimates

Annual Review of Population Law (Harvard Law School)
Database of Wide Range of Topics including Agrarian Reform; Child Labour; Domestic Violence; Family Planning; Femal Genital Mutiliation; Forests; Housing; International Migration; Land Tenure; Labour Migration; Nationality; Population Policy; Refugees ; Rape; Sex Discrimination; Treaties ; Women’s Status

PopNet (Population Reference Bureau)
Organizational Sources; Selected Topics; News; Clickable World Map; Search

Zero Population Growth (ZPG)
Policy of Zero Population Growth Inc., Latest News, U.S. Laws, Databases, Upcoming Conferences

International Database (U.S.Census)
Searchable International Database by country and by Topic e.g. population; births; literacy

Climate and Weather

Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer (Greenpeace)

Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer and Related Materials(CIESIN)

The Ozone Secretariat (UNEP)
Ratification Status; Reports; Documents; Ozone Treaties ; The Financial Mechanism; Activities; Commonly Asked Questions; Links

World Meteorological Organization
Includes What is WMO; El Nino; Press Releases; Long Term Plan; World Weather Watch; World Climate Programme; World Climate Research Programme; Atmospheric Research and Environment Programme; Hydrology and Water Resources Programme; Support for U.N. Humanitarian and Relief Missions; Links

Climate Crisis Home Page (Greenpeace)
Health Impacts, Greenpeace International Climate Campaign, The Climate Time Bomb, Frequently Asked Questions on Climate Issues, Antarctic Warming, River Flooding, Berlin Climate Summit 1995, Other Internet Climate Resources

Global Warming (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
Climate System, Impacts and Action

Global Warming (New Scientist)

Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO)
CICERO is a Policy Research Centre. The Home Pages provide Information about the Centre and Its Publications, Some Full Text Reports will appear and there are Links to Environmental Sites

Kyoto Conference Official Site

Global Warming Central (Pace Energy Project)
Recent News; Reports; Legislative Action; Experts; The Debate; Websites; Government Documents; NGO Documents; Treaties

Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC/WMO/UNEP)
Includes Conference of Parties and Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee Documents and IPCC Assessments

Climate Change Secretariat
Conventions; Kyoto Protocol; Official Documents; country Information; Previous and Upcoming Meetings

Materials and Links on Haze in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Surrounding Regions from Forest Fires in Kalimantan and Sumatra in 1997. Includes Updates; Related Sites; Satellite Images; News Online; El Nino; Air Pollution (Health, Components, Information); Local and Worldwide Resources

Fauna and Flora

Biological Diversity Convention(UNCED) & related materials (CIESIN)

Biological Diversity Convention (UNEP)
Convention, Conferences of States Parties, First Session (1994), Second Session (1995), Ratification List, Press Releases

Biodiversity (World Resources Institute)
Overview, Policy Information, Facts and Figures on Each of What is Biodiversity, Biodiversity Resources, Threats to Biodiversity, Conservation Guidelines

Biosafety Protocol
Clearing-House; Meetings; Related Documents; Links

Biodiversity and Conservation (Hypertext Book by Peter J. Bryant)
Age of Mammals; Extinction and Depletion through Over-Exploitation; Whaling and Fishing; Overexploitation Threatening Living Species; Global Biodiversity Patterns; Values of Biodiversity; Endangered Species Protection; Exotic Introductions; Forests and Deforestation; Endangered Aquatic Habitats; Islands; Protected Areas; Habitat Poluution; Captive Breeding and Reintroduction; Human Population Growth; Complete Webliography

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species(CITES)
List of Parties; Conference of Parties; News; National CITES Authorities; CITES Secretariat; Protected Species; Convention; Appendices; Reservations; Resolutions and Decisions of the Conference of the Parties; CITES-listed Species Database; Links

IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals 1996
Searchable Database; Other Materials from the Red List

Endangered Species

Gaia Forest Archives
World Forest Action Alert; Forest/Biodiversity Campaign News; Recent Updates

Rainforest Action Network
Action Alert; Campaigns; Victories; Rainforest Information

Wurld Wild Web
Extensive Collection of Links to Marine Mammals, Other Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians, Insects, Other Invertebrates, General

Endangered Species (EE-Link)
Endangered and Extinct Species, United States, International, Laws, Treaties, Links

International Fund for Animal Welfare
Information on the Fund’s Campaigns regarding Chinese Moon Bears, Cetaceans, Live Animal Testing for Cosmetics, Fur Trade, Kangaroos, Seals, Whales, Trade in Wild Animals and other matters

Non-Governmental Organizations

Greenpeace International
Greenpeace International campaigns, photos, environmental treaties; Greenpeace Gopher: press releases, addresses, graphics…

Friends of the Earth International
Includes links to other FOE sites

Natural Resources Defense Council
The Council is concerned with both U.S. and Global Environmental Issues. The Site contains detailed Information on its Activities, including Links

WWF Global Network
The World Wide Fund for Nature’s Site. The extensive collection includes WWF in Action, WWF Priorities, Feature Stories, Action Alerts, Campaigns, Resource Guides

Institute of Development Studies (University of Sussex)
Full Information on the Work of the Institute. DEVLINE: Extensive Categorised Links

Sierra Club

International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU)
Information on ICSU. Links to its Members and Associates

GreenLife Society – North America
History, Mission Statement, Current Projects on Sharks, Small Cetaceans, Desertification, Climate Change


Earth Summit+5 (United Nations)
Special Session of the General Assembly in 1997 to Review and Appraise the Implementation of Agenda 21. Includes General Information; Participants and their Initiatives; Agenda 21 Success Stories; Reports for Earth Summit; Country Profiles; Documents; Research; News; Programmes; Meetings

Pace Virtual Environmental Law library
Includes Excellent Collection of Treaties, often with Several Sources. Citations, Amendments noted, Synopsis, Whether In Force, U.S. Ratification, Depository. Links to Primary and Secondary Sources. Site Search Engine.

WWW Virtual Library/International and Environmental Law (Indiana)

International Environmental Law (ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law)
Introduction; Overview; General Search Strategies; Primary Sources; Secondary Sources; Other Related Sites; Online Discussion Lists

Environmental Sites on the Internet(Strandberg)
Vast Collection of Environmental Links by Topics. Includes Searchable Index

Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN)
Excellent information resource including Thematic Guides, Gateway, Environmental Internet Catalogue, Organizational Guide

Environment at the Mining Co. (Michaels)
Over 2,000 Links to Environmental Articles and Sites under 40 Categories

State of the World Indicators(Millenium Institute)
World Population; Years until Insufficient Land; Daily Species Extinction; Crude Oil Reserves; Antarctic Ozone Depletion; Carbon Dioxide Doubling; Water Availability

Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators (CIESIN)
Integration of Data on Content and Status of International Environmental Treaties with Data about National Resource Indicators. Includes Thematic Guide to Environmental Treaties and National resource Indicators. Harvest Search of Environmental Treaties throughout the Internet, Treaty Texts

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
What is FAO, Agriculture, Economics, Fisheries, Forestry, Nutrition, Sustainable Development, News Highlights, Focus on Current Events

World Food Summit 1996 (FAO)
Overview; News Update; Draft Policy Statement and Plan of Action; Documentation; NGO Information and Bulletin; Agenda

Foodcrops and Shortages, July/August 1996 (FAO)
Global Information and Early Warning System including Affected Countries Map; Unfavourable Food Prospects; Food Supply Shortfall; Local Surpluses; Country Information

International Institute for Sustainable Development/Linkages
Major Environmental Site. Includes Environmental Conventions and Conferences. See also the Earth Negotiations Bulletin

The Earth Times
Independent International Nonpartisan Newspaper focussing on the Environment, Sustainable Development and International Issues such as Population, Human Rights, Trade, Women’s and Children’s Rights

Sustainable Development (United Nations)
Searchable Database, by Country, of National Implementation of the Rio Commitments; Major Agreements; Urban Areas; Issues; Indicators; Links

Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)
Trade and Environment; Biodiversity and Wildlife; International Financial Institutions; Global Commons; Policy Analysis and Capacity Building; Links; North American Environmental Law Database

World Resources 1996-1997
Primary Reference to the Global Environment by the World Resources Institute, UNEP, UNDP, World Bank. Part I (Urban Environment) deals with Cities and Health, Natural Resources, Transportation, Priorities and Environmental Sustainability. Part II (Global Conditions, Trends and Data Tables) covers Basic Economic Indicators, Population,Forests and Land Cover, Food and Agriculture, Biodiversity, Energy, Materials, Water, Fisheries, Atmosphere and Climate

Human Development Report 1997 (UNDP)
Highlights; Overview; Rankings; Human Development Index; Press Releases

Multilaterals (Greenpeace)
Includes NPT and NPT source materials. Climate Treaties (Framework Convention, Vienna Convention, Montreal Protocol ): Basel Convention on Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes, Rules of Procedure

Enviroweb and Envirolink

Access to U.S. Environmental Laws and Regulations, Federal Register, Mexican Laws, News and Other Features

The Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (Econet/Bonine)
Collection of Environmental Legal Material from Numerous Countries. Treaties. Full Text Search for the Site

International Law Interest Group (American Society of International Law)
Newsletter with Comprehensive Coverage of Recent Developments by Topic and Publications Lists, Resources

The Environmental Defender’s Offices of Australia
Links to the Offices; Extensive Environmental Law Links

International Joint Commission
The Commission prevents and resolves Disputes over Use of Waters shared by the United States and Canada. Site includes extensive Documentation and Information

International Rivers Network
Current Campaigns and Programs including Bakun Dam, Biobio, Hidrovia, International Finance, Mekong, Sardar Sarovar, Three Gorges, UNDP

The African Water Page (Abrams)
Documents; Links; News; Mailing List

Brazil -Environment(Sergio Koreisha)
Brazilian Environmental Sites, Native Brazilian Links, World Population Counter

Protected Areas Virtual Library (World Conservation Monitoring Centre)
Links with information on National Parks and Protected areas in a number of countries. Links to the texts of Conventions on Biological Diversity, World Heritage, Wetlands (Ramsar) and Biodiversity. Links to information on International Programmes

U.N.Environment Programme

Guide to International Environmental Law on the Internet(Yale)

Substantial environmental treaty collection (UNEP)

Environment Australia Online
Priorities; Heritage; Protection; Biodiversity; Marine; Natural Heritage Trust; Environment in Government; Library Services; State of the Environment; Search Engine

Second U.N.Conference on Human Settlements 1996(Habitat II) (IISD)
This IISD Page contains extensive commentary on the preparations for the Conference

Second U.N. Conference on Human Settlement 1996(Habitat II)(Cedar)
Official Conference Page, with documents

European Environment Agency
European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET); Links; On-line Documents; Databases; About the Agency; New Things; Discussion Forum

Central European Environmental Data Request Facility (CEDAR)

Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal(UNEP)
Includes Decisions of the Conference of the Parties, Working Documents

World Heritage List (UNESCO)
The 469 Properties approved by the World Heritage Committee, with brief Site Descriptions

IUCN-World Conservation Union

Environmental Law Programme (IUCN)
About Programme; Publications; Information; Top Environmental Law Sites; Latest News; Commission on Environmental Law; Environmental Law Centre

Cultural Survival

Lisa’s Green Index
Extensive list of links to WWW. Also links to gopher, ftp, usenet and organisations

Stockholm Declaration(CIESIN)

U.N.Conference on Environment and Development(CIESIN)
Conventions, Agenda 21, Rio Declaration, associated materials

Trade and the Environment(UNEP)
Monographs and background materials published by UNEP, includes trade and sustainable development, trade in genetic materials, environmental assessment, developing countries perspectives, international due diligence, African Workshop

EnviroText (Richards)
Searching 12,000 U.S. treaties and agreements



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