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Index to the Revised Statutes of Canada

the Revised Statutes of Canada 1985 is made up of eight volumes, a further five volumes of supplements published since 1985, and one volume of appendices. There is also a single-volume index to the Revised Statutes of Canada, published in 1991. (1)

While the index is not up-to-date, it has, at lest, historical value.

The index is 932 pages long and takes into account the first four volumes of supplements. It has two levels of headings and contains cross-references to other headings and locator references to sections of the Revised Statutes.

Note that references to acts appearing in the supplements are indicated by an alphanumeric chapter number (always containing at least one decimal), not the chapter number assigned in the supplement. See the Table of Concordance of Chapters in the index volume.

Consolidated Index of Statutory Instruments

The Canada Gazette publishes an index of statutory instruments consolidated from January 1, 1955. This consolidated index is published four times a year. (2)

Summary of Contents of the Index include:

  • Table of Regulations, Statutory Instruments (other than Regulations) and other documents. This Table lists alphabetically, by their title, regulations, statutory instruments (other than regulations) and other documents, showing the statutes under which they were made.
  • Table of Regulations, Statutory Instruments (other than Regulations) and other documents arranged by Statute. The documents included in this Table are listed alphabetically under the statute pursuant to which they were made. If amendments are made to a document, each section amended will be indicated as well as the registration number of the amending order with the amending section.


1. Canadian legal Information Centre Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985: English Index (2 ed, Canada Communication Group, ottawa, 1991) (prepared for the Statute Review Commission by the Canadian legal Information Centre).

2. Available at

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