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Import Restrictions

Import Restrictions and the GATT Policy Negotiations

In relation to the GATT Policy Negotiations, Christopher Mark (1993) provided the following explanation and/or definition of Import Restrictions: Measures to limit or control the volume of imports by means of tariffs ornontariff barriers –including import quotas, exchange controls, import licensing, requirements forprior deposits, levies of import surcharges, or prohibitions of various categories of imports.

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Import Restrictions in International Trade

Meaning of Import Restrictions, according to the Dictionary of International Trade (Global Negotiator): Any one of a series of tariff and no-tariff barriers imposed by a importing nation to control the volume of goods coming into the country from other countries. May include the imposition of tariffs or import quotas, restrictions on the amount of foreign currency available to cover imports, a requirement for import deposits, the imposition of import surcharges, or the prohibition of various categories of imports. See also non-tariff barriers.

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