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Hein Online is an international database that provides searchable full text access to numerous legal sources. The database contains full text e-books, US and core international journals, Treaties , statutes and cases all in PDF format, which is useful for working out the original pagination. Hein Online, produced by the William S. Hein Company, includes the vast majority of the entire United States law review literature from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Its search tool retrieved virtually all of the over 1.4 million articles in that database.

Hein Online provides full access to complete runs of more than 500 Law Journals . It also includes the Federal Register, Treaties and related publications, U.S. Supreme Court materials, and U.S Attorney General Opinions. Other libraries include the Foreign and International Law Database, European Center for Minority Issues, English Reports, Legal Classics Library, and the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition Compendium.

Hein Online, though wonderfully comprehensive in its coverage of law reviews published by law schools, omits some of the legal journals published by university presses, learned societies, and commercial entities.

Searching and Browsing

If the reader wants to search a given collection make sure to click on the search tab. HeinOnline defaults to citation navagator tab – which is only useful if you have a specific citation. The search tab is the next one on the left.

There are a number of different search options and the “about searching”information on the search tab in any HeinOnline Library gives comprehensive advice on how best to search that part of Hein. The options are described below. There are links to PDF how-to guides on the search tab page.

a) Quick Search

  • very easy and general search, plenty of results, some of which may be relevant
  • truncate keywords with an asterisk , e.g. market* (markets, marketing, marketed)
  • use speech marks to keep words together: “ambush marketing”
  • use AND (in capitals) between keywords e.g. “ambush marketing”AND sport* AND venue*

b) Field Search

  • a more controlled search for selecting specific parts of documents for searching
  • fields (e.g., [article] title, author, etc.) are listed in the pull-down menu beside the search box

c) Advanced Search

  • similar set-up to the field search option without the fields
  • includes a menu of legal subject areas


  • browse using the Resources tab
  • each journal title shows the volume and date range covered by the database
  • click on the


    icon underneath a title for publication details etc.

  • a


    sign beside each journal title expands out to a set of hyperlinked volume numbers


Search results

The results page shows your search statement, the total number of results, and the list in relevance order, unless you specified otherwise. You can change your existing search by using the Modify your Search option or you can add extra keywords and search within your results set be selecting search within these results.

Scholar Check

enables you to quickly locate other articles in Hein that have cited the one you are reading. This can be useful to find additional related reading or possibly alternative opinions on your topic. Clicking on the Scholar check link will bring up the list of citing references.


  1. When you are looking at the document in HeinOnline, you will see a printer icon at top right, next to a magnifying glass. The icon is for print or download.
  2. Click on the printer image – you’ll now see a pop-up screen.
  3. Choose one of the options – print/download the entire document, or just a few pages.
  4. The pop-up screen will then show the document in PDF.
  5. To download for saving, use the browser’s File option, choose ‘Save as’, choose a location and a file name, and the document will be saved as a PDF file.

HeinOnline has only modest coverage of social science journals.

Hein Online and citations

The search tool permits the legal researcher to use the ability of HeinOnline to sort its articles by “Number of Times Cited” to generate citation totals that are both more thorough and more accurate than any previous counts.

HeinOnline databases

Law Journal Library (provides access to hundreds of Law Journals from their inception in full pdf)
Foreign & International Law Resources Database (Human Rights and International Law Yearbooks, International Tribunals/Judicial Decisions, U.S. Law Digests, and more)
Kluwer Law International Journal Library (Selected collection of European International law journals )
Amercian Law Institute Library (Statement of Essential Human Rights, UCC/Restatment drafts, proceedings, etc.)
English Reports (100,000 cases, 265 series of reports, arranged by various English courts from 1220 to 1867)
European Center for Minority Issues (contains reports and working papers prepared by ECMI)
Federal Register Library (access to the Federal Register, including indexes, from 1936-present, and more)
Code of Federal Regulations (full text of the CFR from 1938-present, including supplement volumes)
Foreign Relations of the United States (U.S. foreign policy decisions and diplomatic activity from 1861-1975)
Legal Classics (large collection of Legal Treatises and texts from the 19th and early 20th centuries)
National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (Annual Proceedings and Model/Uniform Acts)
Philip C. Jessup Library (compilation of items developed for Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition)
Selden Society and History of English Law (early English manuscripts, digests, encyclopedias, and more)
Session Laws (contains state session laws for all 50 U.S. states from approximately 2001 through 2005)
State Attorney General Reports and Opinions
Subject Compilations of State Laws (annual bibliography of law review articles, Web sites, and other sources that compile the relevant state laws on a particular subject)
Taxation & Economic Reform in America: A Historical Archive, 1781-2009 (IRC Code, regs, rulings and more)
Treaties and Agreements Library (database has more than 18,000 records of treaties and agreements)
United Nations Law Collection (major UN legal publications, and the complete collection of the UN Treaty Series)
U.S. Attorney General Opinions (includes the Official Opinions of the U.S. Attorneys General, 1791-1982)
U.S.Congressional Documents (Congressional Record, Annals of Congress, Register of Debates,
Congressional Globe, American State Papers, and more)
U.S. Federal Agency Library (caselaw of many U.S. agencies, e.g. FCC, NLRB, FTC, Tax Courts, and more)
U.S. Federal Legislative History Library (access to the complete federal legislative histories of selected acts)
U.S. Presidential Library (Public Papers of the Presidents, Executive Orders, Weekly Compilations, and more)
U.S. Statutes at Large (public and private laws enacted by the Congress from 1789-2002)
U.S. Supreme Court library (U.S. Reports Vols. 1-540 (1754-2003), U.S. Reports Slip Opinions, and more)
World Constitutions Illustrated ( Constitutions for 193 countries and other sources on constitutional law)
World Trials (Famous trial transcripts, texts about notorious trials, biographies of great trial lawyers, and more)



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