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Halsbury’s Laws of Canada


It’s obvious competitor is the Canadian Enciclopedic Digest (CED), from 1913.


Amy Kaufman of the Lederman Library at Queen’s University Law library has published a review of the Halsbury’s Laws of Canada titled “Halsbury’s Laws of Canada in Context”in Canadian Law library Review, 416 (2008). In her review, Ms. Kaufman compared Halsburys Laws of Canada with Halsburys Laws of England and Australia and with the C.E.D.

“Halsburys Laws of Canada is a timely addition to the Halsburys series. Halsburys Laws of Canada has many of the useful attributes of other Halsburys sets while adding some new features that should be helpful to law students and lawyers alike….In Canada’s growing legal field, perhaps it is time not only for Canadian Law to develop a higher profile globally with its own Halsburys set, but its publication is also a boon to the domestic legal community by offering choice and a second place to check information when one or other is no longer current in a particular area or simply for an alternative point of view”.

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