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Guide to sport, tourism, arts and events management laws

This Guide considers the legal issues relevant to sport, tourism, events and arts management. The guide explores legal structures and essential laws, including contracts, torts (negligence), consumer protection, intellectual property, industrial relations and those laws which are specific to sport, tourism, events and the arts.

This guide provides an understanding of the legal obligations that face a manager in the sport, tourism, events and arts contexts. It allows readers and students to apply knowledge from other subjects such as marketing, finance and management.

Table of Contents of the Guide:

1.The United States, Australia and European legal systems and management, administration, organization, business protection
2.Contracts formation, performance and termination; conditions and exclusion clauses; restraint of trade; loss of enjoyment damages
3.Negligence, risk management, consumer protection, ambush marketing
4.Intellectual property: Copyright; trademark; confidential information
5.Sport: Natural justice; drugs; judiciaries; child protection
6.Tourism: Package travel; Travel Agents Act; hotel and accommodation law
7.Events: Crowd control; liquor licensing
8.Arts censorship laws and moral rights



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