Foreign Sovereign Immunities

Foreign Sovereign Immunities

Jurisdiction of States

Note: This section covers also the Principles of Jurisdiction.

Immunities from Jurisdiction

The principle of sovereign equality of States requires that the official representatives of one State
should not be subject to the jurisdiction of another State. For example, the law of the sea
provides that warships are subject only to the jurisdiction of the flag State. Even if warships
commit acts contrary to the right of innocent passage or the laws and regulations of the coastal
State, the coastal StateÂ’s only remedy is to escort the offending warship out of the territorial sea.
The principle of State immunity or sovereign immunity provides that foreign sovereigns enjoy
immunity from the jurisdiction of other States. The principle of diplomatic immunity provides that
the diplomatic agents of the sending State have complete immunity from the criminal jurisdiction
of the receiving State. Since this immunity belongs to the sending State and not to the diplomat,
it can be waived by the sending State. Also, the receiving State has the right to expel any
diplomatic agent from its country by declaring them persona non grata. The premises of an
embassy or diplomatic mission as well as its records and archives are also inviolable. The
authorities of the receiving State cannot enter a foreign embassy without the express permission
of the head of mission, even in the case of an emergency.

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Foreign Sovereign Immunity

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In the United States

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United States Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976

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United States Legislation: Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

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